Yeah, babe
My queen
You control me

Oh yeah, stand up
I shout out but the answer is no
The broken pieces of my heart shine
I’ve fallen and there’s no exit
In the end, I’m in the same place, I’m lost

The burning sun is setting but you’re even more dazzling
Suddenly, my eyes grow blind
I can’t even see the rising fire before me
So I’m slowly burning

This is all a dream, you’re a cruel queen
Because you hid thorns behind that beauty
Dangerous Dangerous, She’s so dangerous

Can’t wake from this dream, it’s blossomed inside
After the long loneliness, run away
Exodus Exodus, It’s my Exodus

Stand back, I shout but the dominos in my heart
They’re falling and you’re nodding your head
Whatever I do, I can’t turn things back
I’m losing strength from my deepened sighs, girl

You’re a shock in my head, I hear you wherever I go
Suddenly, I’ve grown deaf
No matter what I do, I can only hear you
Captivated without space to rest

You shine like a clear glass castle wall jewel
I’ve trapped myself in you
I’ve gone crazy for you, gone crazy
I’m sick with an illness I can’t avoid
She’s dangerously hot

In your sweet arms, I’m a weak king
Because I’ve lost everything else that’s not you
Dangerous Dangerous, She’s so dangerous

Past your arms that trapped me, into that path
Toward that light, I’ll escape from you
Exodus Exodus, It’s my Exodus


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