shall we do homeworks??
"How do i do this one bacon?" you asked your best friend as you scratched your head trying to figure out the answer.Both u and ur best friend Baekhyun was at ur house doing homeworks.Nobody was at home except u guys.Both of u were doing it in the living looked at baekhyun and he immediately looked down.U felt a trill go down ur back.was he starring at me?? u think and ur heart started hammering.Baekhyun looked at u as if he just heard u."yes?? which one?" he asked as he got up and went over to urside and looked at ur book."u got to divide it and multiply it" he said and u nodded " ah!!" he said leaning towards u to look over the book."this one here is wrong." u could barely hear him as ur heart hammered against ur body.ur cheeks were almost touching and both of his arms were around u pinning giving u no escape.Stupid chair if only the chair wasn't there your body will probably be touching u think to urself.Suddenly u noticed that he wasn't talking anymore and u looked up to see him starring at u with a fierce look."s s sorry bacon i was just ..... "
He suddenly sighed" this wont do" and kissed u fiercely sucking ur lips like in the dramas u watched.u felt ur body draining out of power and that tingling pleasant feeling i ur stomach.As fast as it started he let go and looked at u with apologetic eyes."im sooo sorry i didnt mean to..."this time u didnt wait for him to finish his sentence u put ur arms around his neck and kissed him as hard as u could.he didnt pull back but put his hands around u and kissed u back sucking once again.he parted ur lips and put his tongue inside ur mouth exploring ur mouth and making u shiver with excitement.u tangled ur hands against his hair making him moan.He rubbed ur back with his hands and brought them to the front and gently squeezed ur breast above the shirt."take them off" u gasped.
Once again baekhyun tried to break the kiss but u didn't let him hungrily kissing him.he kissed back and moved his head to ur ear and gently tugged on it making u moan with pleasure."lets move to the couch" he said huskily and lifted u in to his arm.He looked down at u with such a love and desire and kissed u while moving to the sofa.he layed u down on the sofa not breaking the kiss and was on top of u.U felt his groin harden as it touched our place and the tingling it arose in there.baekhyun took of his shirt and u couldnt help but marvel at the sight of his body.It wasn't all muscle and everything more over it was all bones but it was in a good built and sexy.he let u run ur hands over his chest and started sucking ur neck.u moaned his name and felt his hand go under ur shirt and under ur bra.he squeezed ur breast and u moaned and pushed him deeper into ur neck."take them off baekhyun"u gasped as he rubbed his fingers against ur nipples.he kissed u softly and lifted ur shirt up and helped u to take off ur shirt.he took of u bra lifting u a little and u felt his bare body against urs.he's hand already cupping ur breast and squeezing them making u moan his name now and again.He kissed u once again and again and from ur mouth kissing u down to ur breast.U let out a gasp as he took one of ur nipples in his mouth and gently sucked on them.u lifted ur pelvis and rubbed ur pussy against his maleness making him almost bite on ur nipples.u pushed his head down on ur breast in the effort not to scream that will worry him and may even make him stop.u continued doing this and he moaned grabbing ur hips hard.Now that u got total control u turned him and got on top of him.This surprised him and he looked up at u.U smiled and leaned down and kissed him sucking and letting ur tongue explore his and with ur hands running them all over his body.U let ur tongue wander out of his mouth and to his ears and bite it making him grab ur breast and squeeze them.u bit his ear harder and to his ear to his neck sucking them as hard as u could.u let ur hands go down his pants through this boxer to feel his maleness.he gasped and and squeezed ur breast even harder and painfully.u let ur tongue trail down his chest and down to his stomach and with ur other hand u opened the zipper liking it when he moaned ur name in that husky voice.u put his pants and boxer together revealing his penis.U kissed both of his ball and continued down and put the long and big thing in ur mouth sucking on it slowly and putting it deep inside ur mouth.u heard him moan with pleasure and mutter ur name.he put his hands under ur head and made u go even deeper."its its cumin" he groaned and u felt the sticky thing come into ur mouth and when it finished u quickly let it out of ur mouth kissing it softly.Baekhyun was gasping with the effort and u got on top of him again and titled ur head and smiled.he looked at u and smiled back and turned u over and got on top of u and he kissed u hard.sucking and sucking.he cupped one of ur breast with one hand and let his other hand go down under ur panties when suddenly u remembered something.Baekhyun finger went ryt into the hole making u squirm with unease he must have though...."umm baby???" u tried but he hungrily sucked on ur lips.u squirmed and at last he looked at u with raised eyebrows even now he continued to finger fuck not stopping." umm baby im sorry to say this but im.... period"
"what??"he said getting his hands out of ur womb and stared down at his bloody finger.U laughed at his stricken face he looked at u and smiled "i guess we have to stop this and continue next time" he said softly as he nibbled ur nose...
so what did u learn today??