Okay , first i'm writing this because i'm so annoyed and irratated after reading Sasaeng fan's message for Baekyun oppa >.<

First, sasaeng fans, you have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN because you're the reason why a special day for Baekyun's family turned disaster ! and don't blamed Baekyun oppa for his actions that time .. what are you expecting to him ? Treat you like a guest ? like princess ? oh c'mon , you're NOT INVITED !! duu .. go as if you're invited.. always remember that .. so that next time if they have gathering you'll know where your place.. =='

but if your intention is to take their pictures, why not search it in the internet , print and eat it if you want ! -.- or maybe you went there just to check them if they doing bad things ? .. oh my~ before checking their lives, can you check yours if you're doing the right thing ? Yes, they may do bad things but no one is perfect.. all of us are sinners .. but i think SASAENG FANS are more SINNERS !! you are destroying the privacy of others !! you destroyed the special day of Baekyun's brother and also his family .. you didn't respect their privacy !!

oh my~ i can't believe it !! do you think after what you did EXO members will love/marry you ? in your dreams how can they love you if you don't respect them ? huu -.-

just asking , no offense , Is this really how Korean fans react everytime they see their idols ? o.O you know, Korean fans are so lucky because they are so near to their idols .. but why they are dying to take a photo of their idols ? i don't understand them .. =.=

All I can say , sasaeng fans are so PATHETIC !! sorry but that's what i see -.- You are really a "Crazy Humans"! You should know your limitation !

Last, Sasaeng Fans , you can't destroy EXO whatever you'll do because THEY ARE ONE !! and WE the TRUE fans of EXO will never let you do that !! WE ARE ONE !!

From : TRUE FAN of EXO ~

I hope this message will spread and read by sasaeng fans ~ i'm tired of them -.- they should know their limitation..