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Anna ships Jelsa
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This Elsa & Jack Frost photo might contain family room.

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jack frost
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Did you know that "Jelsa" has already happened approx

35 years ago?!

Introducing : Jack Frost - a stop motion animated television special that premiered on NBC on December 13, 1979

In this TV special, Jack Frost, an immortal winter sprite, falls in love with a human girl after rescuing her

Jack asks Father Winter if he can become human in order to be with her. Father Winter gives him a chance, but warns Jack must prove he can succeed a human, by earning a house, a horse, a bag of gold and a wife by the first sign of spring

this Jack Frost has many parallels with ROTG Jack, that he is invisible,...
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Person : Jack is 15, Elsa is 21, kill this ship
Me : He's 318 and she's 21
Person : Sweetie, he died at the age of 15 and became a winter spirit
Me : LOL, you do forgot they wrote on the movie : 300 years later
Person : Like I said, he is a winter spirit
Me : You are really scared enough to say that, I mean, they did wrote 300 years later, watch the movie again, woman. And besides, this is only a fiction and If you ever kill this ship, I'll kill you

Person : I said he is 15 and she is 21!

Me : Hahaha! Watch the movie and it said 300 years later, woman! And by the way, why did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated when Harry is younger than Taylor, hmm?

Person : Oh, nevermind that, I better go..

- Me laughing -
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