"Can I have a Jelsa movie?!"

Disney, Dreamworks?
Can I have a Jelsa movie?
Come on, please you have to grant my dream
If you won't make a movie
I swear I will
I will be gone away
You guys used to be best buddies
And now you're not
I wish you would tell me why
Can I have a Jelsa movie?
I really want a Jelsa movie
(We can't do that, girl)
Okay, bye

Can I have a Jelsa movie?
I think I've waited long enough
I bet it will be the best movie ever
You know, I've got to say, the wait is getting rough
Hang in there, fandom
I'm getting kind of antsy
Sitting in my room
Waiting for that day to come

Disney, Dreamworks?

Please, you know it's easy
Just one single movie
I do not care about a sequel
Nor a prequel. Just a movie
I've been dying for a movie
For years and years
If only you'll grant my wish
Can I have a Jelsa movie?


Okay, guys. Sorry for some of them not rhyming xD I'm not good at writing songs. By the way, I used Do You Want To Build A Snowman?