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Feels  unitato 0 706 over a year ago
Series 7 spoilers & rumours  ladychazabc 122 10100 over a year ago
Countdown until Doctor Who Series 7  ladychazabc 33 11356 over a year ago
Eleven and Amy Medalz Wall!  mossheart1235 11 1401 over a year ago
New Banner/Icon/Motto Suggestion Forum!  girly_girl 69 5580 over a year ago
Eleven/Amy Icon Contest (ROUND 1 OPEN!)  CheekyCheese 5 1362 over a year ago
River Song, Who is she to the Doctor?  scarxtardis 21 2586 over a year ago
Word Game *FUN-ish*  Alexi95 19 1529 over a year ago
Eleven & Amy, A Fan Listing/Forum  Alexi95 447 10673 over a year ago
New Motto...  criminalminds15 32 1606 over a year ago
Hey Elamy fans! **NEW ARTICLE 4 THE LUVVERZ OF ELEVEN/AMY**  scarxtardis 22 1795 over a year ago
Countdown to 200 Fans!!!  mossheart1235 78 2163 over a year ago
Fan of the month nominations...  Alexi95 94 2586 over a year ago
Personally, why do you think Doctor and Amy are perfect for each other?  scarxtardis 2 841 over a year ago
What do you want in series 6??  ladychazabc 21 3460 over a year ago
we should have more fans.....♥  ladychazabc 22 1017 over a year ago
New Spot Look  Alexi95 67 2038 over a year ago
I heard a rumour about the big bang!  scarxtardis 41 1698 over a year ago
Amy's poem (originally by me)  scarxtardis 19 1419 over a year ago
Lexi, Sophie!  scarxtardis 14 1119 over a year ago
I've been thinking...  scarxtardis 4 772 over a year ago