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Lady_B15 said …
HI! im new how do you make a club? Posted over a year ago
lux2 said …
"where did everyone go?" lenney stands up and walks to an open field. Posted over a year ago
lux2 commented…
wow in 5 days im declairing this club dead... over a year ago
Gunfire commented…
(( wel thad hapens to most rp clups, they dieout after some time)) over a year ago
AquamarineEP said …
*sniffs around* Where'd everybody go? Posted over a year ago
lux2 commented…
jumps through the bushes* im here! over a year ago
AislingYJ commented…
*walks up to aquamarine* Me too... ((sorry I'm a little late :P)) over a year ago
lux2 commented…
what? did they all leave the pack? over a year ago