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posted by kevinsvoice
56 years ago this week the original cartoon short "Duck Dodgers and the Twenty-fourth and a Half Century" was released. Sixteen years before man walked on the moon, Duck Dodgers landed on Planet X. Created by the legendary animation director Chuck Jones (1912-2002) as a spoof of the 1930’s radio program, Buck Rodgers, Duck Dodgers and the Twenty-fourth and a Half Century was released on this date in 1953. This Merrie Melodies animated short stars Daffy Duck as the hero, Duck Dodgers, who along with his co-pilot, Porky Pig, face Marvin the Martian as the villain. The cartoon was written by renowned cartoon storyboard writer Michael Maltese (1908-1981) with voices provided by the late, great, “man of a thousand voices,” Mel Blanc (1908-1989). More at link.