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The sound of a fire wakes Karaza. She opens her eyes a slit and looks toward the sound. Two grizzled men are staring into the night while talking.
    “I swear, it’s the end of the world, there are those evil dragons and all these demons wandering around, they give me the creeps.”
    “Of course they creep you out, they’re monsters! I heard that if they catch you they take you to their mines and put you under a spell so that you can’t stop working, no matter how tired you are, you just keep going until you drop. And when the demons find you...
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posted by dragonsmemory
Wings beating,
Lungs heaving.
Black shadow
Torn from the sky.

Eyes glancing,
Alert and fierce.
Fire dancing.


Fire dark as night,
Scales bright as gems.
Gleaming eyes,
Searching for a feast.

Wings furled.
Claws extended.
Dives down.
Death claims
Another victim.

Glides up.
Feasting begins.

The dragon flies off.
It is gone,
And the
Is done.

This poem tells of a dark dragon hunting. As the poem says, the dark dragons are everyone's worst fear. No one really knows what being this dragon killed. The dark dragons are known for their flame, which is black. Their eyes also have a more maniacal cast to them, as opposed to normal dragons.
posted by dragonsmemory
"Easy does it…that's it. He's got your girl. He's headed back to his foul nest. Shoot him now, or you'll never see her again." The old man was clearly drunk, but he knew his stuff.
The boy lined up the arrowhead with the sackcloth dragon's heart. He released the string, sending the arrow flying towards the beast. The boy had aimed true, for the sackcloth dragon now had an arrow in his heart.
The old man took a huge swig from his mug. Learning to kill dragons was hard. Living with the old man was harder. He told constant stories of the dragons he had killed, drank constantly, and never failed...
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posted by sabina98
Fire dragons a part of the elemental dragons including Water-Said to be gentle creatures but hurt someone they love and they will turn rather nasty (enough to cause tsunami's for centuries, or so my grand dad says).

Earth dragons- a descendant of god himself for they were said to be there,during and responsible for the creation of the magnificent Eden gardens.

Air dragons-are said to be the main reason we are alive to this very day because it is said they themselves provide us with fresh air.

Fire dragons-dragons of fire are rumoured to be associated with Lucifer himself no one knows that this...
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