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I need names!!

So I'm writing a fantasy story and I need character names. Not just people but animals too. I have some names but they're modern and I wanted older ones like mideval times almost. Or the renaissance period. Ill list the character then description:
The main character is an angel-vampire hybrid. She has black hair and golden eyes. I thought charolette and Charlie for short?
Her adoptive sister is a werecat. Scarlet hair and blue eyes. I thought Alexis
(Charlie's) bestfriend is an elf. She had chestnut hair and gray eyes. Maybe Kendall?
Layla is the name I thought of for a fairie with light brown hair and green eyes.
Evell (a name I made up) would be Charlie's adoptive mom. She's a witch and has naturally silvery-white hair and violet eyes
Evells husband could be Rikar. Black hair and hazel eyes. He's a warlock.
Jayse (pronounced jace) would be the human Charlie falls in love with. He has auburn hair and brown eyes.
Oliver is a werewolf with golden hair and blood red eyes.
Leo would be another warlock with brown hair and hazel eyes.
Now onto the animals:
Charlie has a pet dragon. I'm not sure if I want her scales to be purple, blue, or white. I really like the name Saphira but I don't want it to be like the book Eragon, especially with the blue scales.
Evell has a familiar. It's main form is an old looking Black Maine coon cat. I haven't thought up any names for him.
Kendall would have a lynx the size of a lion she rides. I also have no names for it either and I'd be fine with it being male or female.
Lastly, there's either a hipogriff or griffin that Jayse meets along the way and it becomes his pet. I'd prefer a male but if there was a good female name I'd use that.
Sorry that I have so many undecided names >.< these are only a couple of my characters!! So yeah if you could help me I'd really appreciate it!!
 dragongirl_808 posted over a year ago
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Amejisuto said:
Did you look up on the internet for names its what I do when I write stories
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posted over a year ago 
yeah I have. I havent found any good ones though :/
dragongirl_808 posted over a year ago
DragonAura15 said:
For the dragon, you could take the name you like and tweak it. Ex: Saphiraea or Saphene. For the cat familiar, maybe Ebony or Revenus(I don't know, I was thinking of names that would suit a black cat). The lynx could be Streak or Silver(lynxes are silver, right?). Finally, the hippogriff(make it a hippogriff, not a gryphon, hippogriffs are underappreciated) could be Gasher or Brutus(I'm thinking of tough-sounding names). I really hope this helps! :D
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posted over a year ago 
lynxes are tan colored not silver
kengamine posted over a year ago
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