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Does anyone have good dragon names?

I am looking for the following:
Dragon's name
Breeding: Is it of the royal line, one of the Parliament families, or a commondragon?
Magic Speciality
Identifying marks
Short Biography
This is the bare minimum I need. Feel free to add more.
 dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
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Dragons Answers

draco326 said:
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posted over a year ago 
That is not enough information.
dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
Signeduponawhim said:
Dragon's name:Kereros, Scyrthorn, or Warloth
Colour:ash-grey and coal black
Breeding:noble blood
Magic speciality:fire(due to an irregularity in his fire-gland it comes out in powerful bursts rather than streams)
Identifying marks:long, broad wings specialized for soaring and endurance, horns that arch from the base of his skull, long tail with spikes
Home: Mountainous areas to the west
Family: Opscurus Fire-tougue(father), Halunet the Pale (mother), Carnufex (brother)
Descrption: a black dragon, not the most agile flyer but a powerful one, long serrated fangs, strong claws for gripping cliffsides, pale underbelly, scales less magic-proof than most, muscular but not bulky
Biography: wily, fiercely solitary, has many scars from fights with his brother, ruthless but not as bloodthirsty as Carnufex, fond of Nypholith (an ice dragon), condescending to humans, bitter towards other dragons, suspicious of human sorcery, hates humidity, articulate, inferiority complex, deathly afraid of the ocean, can be obsessive
I hope this helps. I don't know what you're using this for so feel free to make changes. I made it all up off the top of my head so use it however you please. I tried to be at least more imaginative than "Draco the Dragon".
If you liked my answer I'll be happy to give you more. =)
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posted over a year ago 
Oops, sorry, it's Opscurus Fire-tongue, NOT Opscurus Fire-tougue
Signeduponawhim posted over a year ago
Quite clever. I am using the names for my writing. You can choose when he lives. Is he from the early years, mid-time, or the end. Check the Eden Chronicles club for a list of time periods that I should post soon
dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
drbn said:
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posted over a year ago 
Not enough information
dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
princessofmagic said:
Dragon's name: Tyana
Age: young for a dragon, only 103
Color: A light blue
Breeding: Is the great-grandaughter of a very Powerfull king, but is over-looked because her grandmother was thought dead.
Magic Speciality: can produce simple spells, and can controll the air and can breath fire.
Identifying marks: Has a silver claws, horns, and eyes.
Home: was born in Himilayas, but family was attacked when she was 15 and she hasnt seen them since. So she travels around the world basicaly.
Family: because of her travels, is acuainted with many dragons, but no one close.
Description: She has light bones and powerfull wings to fly better with, and can do anything with air or in the air.
Short Biography: ^^ Nuff said.

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posted over a year ago 
101trx said:
Name: night dragon
Color: pitch-black
Breeding: 5 eggs ( every 6 years)
Magic soeciality: night dragons are a dark- dragon type. They have ghost and dark type powers. example- like from shadow balls, dark claws, ghost beams, etc.
Home: they can be found any where in the world, exept for icey, cold places like antartica, etc.
Family: sometimes they live in groups of ten or more, but mothers live alone for a while when they have babies.
Disciption: their bodies are all entirely pitch-black, big, green slit-pupil eyes, forked tounges and sharp, pointed teeth, three webbed toes that are clwaed on each foot, big, bat-lie wings on the back, three horns on each side of the head that are connected by a hard skin between them, they also have them at the baseof their long, whip-like tail and at the end of it, also, on the back legs. They have a thorn on the back of their front legs and a small thron on the top of both wings. Night dragons grow to 35 feet when adults but babies can't fly until they're a year 1/2 old, medium-sized.
Short bio: night dragons are slender and extremly fast and good flyers. They're very agile too. They can do tricks in the air. This is a very friendly dragon, but can be very aggerssive when protecting babies and family. They like to swim. This dragon is mostly nocturnal and can hardly be seen when flying at night. When they shoot a shadow ball for example, they never miss, no matter what the dragon is doing. Very good fighters, too. They like to take anyone who's nice a ride on their backs. Night dragons are meat-eaters. When flying, a quick, whistle-like noise can sometimes be heard since it's so fast. They're very smart. There's a lot more to this dragon, but I can't type it all, sorry.
Age: they don't always live to their maximum lifespan, but night dragons can live to the grand old age of 225 years.

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posted over a year ago 
oh, and one name i have is nighgalle, he's a male. also, their eyes are cat-like.
101trx posted over a year ago
nighgalle is 14 1/2 years old.
101trx posted over a year ago
the identifying marks of the night dragon is just all pitch-black.
101trx posted over a year ago
DJ_DragonMaster said:
DRAGON NAME: Fyoriclaw
AGE: 350
COLOR: Dark crimson with silver marks
BREEDING: Fyoriclaws are very rare.
MAGIC SPECIALTY: Can breathe out purple flames from its mouth and it's blood-curdling roar has the power to summon thunderstorms.
IDENTIFYING MARKS: Silver marks that look like scars on it's face, body, and tail that glow when the Fyoriclaw is angry or relaxed.
HOME: Fyoriclaws originated in Alaska. Last known sightings of Fyoriclaws were in Austria, Siberia, Thailand, and Northern China.
FAMILY: Fyoriclaws are close relatives to Nightfuries (from the movie How to Train Your Dragon.
DESCRIPTION: Fyoriclaws have large wings. Their tails are long and thin. On their heads they have big pointed ears, and one large horn used to fend off enemies. Their hands and feet have long, onyx-colored claws that can help them collect food or attack (hence their name).
SHORT BIOGRAPHY: Fyoriclaws are majestic dragons that mostly live in cold areas of Asia and Europe. Fyoriclaws are usually peaceful, but when provoked, they can breathe a deadly purple fire from their mouths that can easily fry a human in seconds. According to legends, Fyoriclaw roars can summon hurricanes. Fyoriclaws originated from Alaska, where it is known that the first nest was settled. However, during the ice age, the bitter cold was too much for them. Many perished, but some, no more than 25,000, escaped, and made new nests in parts of Asia, and later, Europe. Nowadays, Fyoriclaws are extremely rare, and it is rumored that if you were to spot one, it would mean unpredictable weather in the near future.

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posted over a year ago 
Dragon_Master said:
I dont know if this is any help but off a game theres 2 dragons called Alduin and Paarthunax, Alduin is a black dragon that can make fireballs and Paarthunax is just a white fire-breathing dragon. Alduin was the first born dragon and Paarthunax is a wise dragon who seeks to destroy Alduin. I dont know the rest of the information but Alduin is also known as the World eater.
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posted over a year ago 
I would like to know the name of that game.
dragonsmemory posted over a year ago
Dragon_Master posted over a year ago
Dark star
youtubefan123 posted over a year ago
thevamps123 said:
I have a pet dragon you can have.
I breed them, so I have many.
the one i could give you is:
2 months old
green spots
common dragon
flies and very strong and breaths ice
his family is large
can adapt anywhere - prefers cold

He does not have a name yet, but he has a lot of energy and is always happy!
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posted over a year ago 
LaughingHyena said:
Name; Arcaon
Age; 537
Color; Deep blood red, darkening to a metallic dark grey-black on back and dorsal spines and orange belly scales
Breeding; Royalty
Magic; Can summon earth tremors and small lava spurts from the ground occasionally, though this takes an awful lot of energy
Identifying marks; Black markings on face and forehead
Home; Volcano valley, on the edge of the Deadlands
Family; From the family of the Fire Monarchs and is the current King; has two heirs to the throne and a mate, also various distant aristocratic relatives.
Description; Western-style dragon, long steely grey horns and talons, large orange and yellow patterned wings, forked tongue, arrowhead tail, vermillion eyes
Short Biography; Lives mostly alone with his mate in a dormant volcano, has a low view of humankind in general and of the prissy so-called 'peace-loving' dragons that try to convert old battalions like him to his side. Is very set in his ways, much like his late father, still remembers the old days when humans and dragons fought each other and burning down human civilizations was seen as a necessity, before peace treaties made things slightly better. Is cynical and mistrustful of new laws and ideas, hermit-like in behaviour, one of a dying breed. Feels resentful towards his two sons, who have gone towards the new ways of life which he still has suspicions about, leaving him to cling to his old traditions and memories.
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posted over a year ago 
lolalea22334 said:
1 a boy dragon I wall call thunder bolt or girl glimmer or blaze

2. about 200 or 300

3. a boy dragons colour is black and girl dragons colour is white or red

4. noble blood or something

5. the boy it can fly fast or super eye sight and girl it can shoot water bombs and ice crystals in her mouth and her body changes colour

6. in a dark cave

7. the dragons have a lot of family members but theyre off somewhere far away.

8. thunderbolt has red eyes and razer sharp claws and teeth big wings so he can fly very fast and 5 horns on his tail and head and glimmer has got blue eyes and white body with a blue tiped tail she has got sharp claws and teeth and 3 horns on her head

9. glimmer the dragon is a ice dragon and she is about 200 years old and she has a brother called thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is a fire dragon and he is about 300 years old and the dragons live on their own because their family is far away to fight
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posted over a year ago 
dragongirl_808 said:
Name: Tatsuo (tot-soo)
Age: 145 years
Color: black with tinges of red on the scales of its chest and tail
Breeding: royal line
Magic Speciality: Darka and Fire
Identifying Marks: large scar down its right foreleg and a scar across its muzzle; tattrered wings
Home: mountains
Family: none
Description: a black dragon standing at 73 ft. tall at the tip of its short, gray horns. A long and lean dragon, though with its tattered wings, makes it a weak flyer. Stumpy legs and a long tail and neck. Scales are blacker than a cave with no light, but when sunlight hits the scales on its chest and tail, they glow a faint and dark red. spikes run from the top of its head down its back and down its tail. spikes are 2 ft. long while its horns are 5ft. long and are at a very flat upwards angle. though both the spike and horns are a charcoal gray. its muzzle is thin and enlongated, with few slowly roting teeth poking out. a scar run down the length of its right foreleg, clearly white. another and less visible scar run horizontal across its muzzle.
Biography: hatched late and born with white scales besides the vivid red scales on its chest and tail. its mother was golden and its father was blue. just a day after its birth, the father died due to fighting another dragon over territoty. once it grew of age, the mother taught it first to fly which it excelled at, then to hunt on its own, taking the lives of large animals such as elephants, since its home is in asia. lived mostly in the desert- besides flying elsewhere for food- where its mother blended in well with, but it stood out, an easy target for the few humans who dared travel the scorching wasteland. humans hunted its mother one day when it was 65 years old- old enough not to need a mnother but stuck with her because they were nearly the only dragons within a three hundred mile radius- and killed her. it escaped, flying for days without food until it came to mountais and it finnaly found food. once it was fed and well-rested, it stumbled upon another dragons territory, to where it fought it until the white dragon killed it. it had two scars and ripped wings due to the fight. not far from its new territory, it found another dragon, only this one was female and had brilliant green scales. they mated and eventually their baby was born. it had light green scales and was female. a few years later, they were hunting for food when humans found them. the baby hadnt learned to fly yet, so it was an easy target. it was killed soon, even against both the mother and fathers fighting, but the masive amount of humans kept them at bay. the mother died after a while, and the father flew away otherwise he would soon too be dead.he hid in a cave and has lived there ever since. for seventy years, he never comes out of his cave besides to eat. as a result of lack of sunlight, his scales darkened to black.
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posted over a year ago 
AliceTerraria said:
Color:light grey
Breeding:Common dragon
Magic speciality: He does not use magic
Home:Caves at cold places
Family:He's family is dead
Description:Light grey color,Short white wings, long dark claws, blue-grey long horns.
Biography:He's family was killed when he had just 97 years, he still searching for the assasin to have hes vengeance.He live at Russia, completely alone.

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posted over a year ago 
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