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I challenge you all to make a DBZ OC, that's not insanely overpowered, AND justify their existence.

I swear, i saw a character so messed up it was sick....apparently 'Veigro' was a 'Siayin', who was born with a power level higher than SSJ3 Vegito, but since good ol' king vegeta was scared, he hurled the boy into the sun, but the boy turned great ape and 'dustroyd the sun with its mouth canon beam thing or whatever', before falling on a random planet, which had 1000x Earth's gravity, making him stronger than SSJ4 Gogeta in his base form.

He can 'go up to SSJ6, and he has a gallik gun but it's red instaed of purple and he got a purple kameha thats 10x stronger and a evil spirit bomb that kill a galaxy and also can do final flash but its stronger than vegeta version. Btw he's Vegita's long lost brother.'

Yeah....just don't do that, okay?
 TAIKAMODO posted over a year ago
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blackpanther666 said:
Easy. I already have one.

Name: Gogetto

Appearance: He is about the same height as Goku, with black hair that is like Goten's in DBGT, but longer.

History: I just randomly started thinking of this many, many years ago and kind of created a whole story throughout DBZ where he fitted in. Basically, he was a regular Saiyan, who was around at the same time as Vegeta and Nappa growing up. Vegeta killed his father and Gogetto, in his rage, tried to kill him, but was thwarted by King Vegeta and had to escape Planet Vegeta. He ran and eventually came across Frieza and his cronies and joined them. There is a whole lot more to it than this, but I don't have the time to go through all of that.

His unique features are his energy, which, unlike the others, is green. He also uses Masenko, like Gohan, but only after he is shown it on Earth. He goes through the super saiyan transformations as well.
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posted over a year ago 
Everything checks out! But i have a question. How strong is Gogetto at full power?
TAIKAMODO posted over a year ago
I dunno. Probably around the same as Vegeta would be in SSJ2, which is where he got to in my story that I made up in my head. He didn't get ssj3, though I did draw him as a ssj3 once, but it looked terrible.
blackpanther666 posted over a year ago
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