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posted by ILoveBolt2Much
I Thought I Lost you:

Nobody listens to me, don't hear a single thing I've said
Say anything to sooth me, anything to get you from my head
Don't know how I really feel, the faith it takes to make like I don't care
Don't know how much it hurts to turn around like you were never there
Like somehow you could be replaced
And I could walk away from the promises we made and swore we'd never break!

I thought I lost you when you ran away to try to find me
I thought I'd never see your sweet face again
I turned around and you were gone and on and on the days went
I kept the moments that we were in
'Cause I hoped...
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posted by BoltsBiggestFan
"Bolt suddenly tensed."
"Bolt suddenly tensed."
By BoltsBiggestFan for Fanpop.com

Something was wrong. Very wrong.
Penny stared at her map at the edge of a Japanese forest with uncertainty, while Bolt lay at her feet on the wet grass. He sighed a deep, doggish sigh and shifted his paws into a more comfortable position. Bolt and Penny had had a rough time of late.
It had been about three months since Penny’s father had been kidnapped by the malicious Doctor Calico, or the Green-Eyed Man, as Bolt knew him. Since then, Bolt and Penny have been on the run from Calico’s henchmen, not having a decent meal or sleep for a while now.
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So,Now they needed to Find Penny's Dad.
DAD!!!!!! Penny said. PENNY! Penny's Dad said. I THOUGHT I LOST YOU! Penny said. ALL THESE YEARS I HAVE TRIED TO FIND YOU AND FINALLY IT HAPPENS!!! Penny said. ME TOO!! I ALWAYS WANTED YOU BACK!Penny's Dad said. I think we have to head home.Penny's Dad said to Penny. But...Wait? Whose are those? Penny's Dad asked. Bolt,Lily Bolt's GF,Bolt's Dad,Rhino,Mittens. Penny tell.

Then they head themselves back home

And happen like it should be Little Girl,and His Dogs....

*There is no home like one you got,Cause that home belongs to you!*


of Bolt's Guest.....
posted by Lancewing1994
News Flash

[Bolt's Point of View]

I slowly woke up this morning and nearly jumped out of my fur when I saw Cobra right in front of me. Maria was still next o me, but it was amazing that she didn't wake up. Once I regained my wits, I asked Cobra, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Since seven," he answered, "I also saw what happened last night."

"You did?"

"Yep. I just wanted to say that I'm actually happy for you two."


"But remember…"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of her."

"Don't make me hunt you down."

A second later, Maria woke up. She was a little groggy, but managed to smile after...
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posted by Lancewing1994
Bottle of Tears

[Maria's Point of View]

I could hear Bolt's whimpers and sobs as my person's father tries to realign Bolt's bones to try to make sure they knit in the right places. I just wanted to cry just by hearing him, but just to try to set a good image to Mittens and Rhino, I didn't. Cobra was trying to calm a frantic Mittens and Rhino was rolling around in his hamster ball trying to drown out Bolt's whining. A few minutes later, I heard a knock at the door at the same time that Bolt's whining finally stops.

Ryan entered the room and answered the door to reveal Penny, Bolt's person. Penny...
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8 Old friend is back!
Xaron`s base 11:28 pm.How i can get rid off that bolt...A-ha! now i get it! I can use my own powers to him! Xaron thought.Mean while..How we get to his base? Mittens asked.I have no clue,but maybe we can ask other dogs if they have seen something.Bolt said.Good fact.Mittens said. And then. Hey did you have seen any helicopters?Bolt asked. Yes,one black flied on east. One dog said. Thanks for helping!Bolt said. No broplem,Bolt it`s me. Boltser said. Boltser!?Bolt asked. Yep,Here in one single piece!Boltser answered. Umm..Bolt who is this guy?Mittens asked. He`s boltser a...
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one day while bolt and mittens were playing outside dr.eggman and dr.eggman naga were planing to catnap mittens
dr.eggman:are you sure that that cat is princess balze's sister?
dr.eggman naga:of course she is.now send metal sonic after her.
dr.eggman:metal sonic capcher that cat and as a added bounes you can take the dog too?
metal sonic:yes master I shall get the dog and cat for you.
mittens:did you hear something
bolt:no mittens why do you ask...*sees metal sonic behind mittens*om mittens look behind you.
mittens:bolt if this is one of rhino's tricks he'll..*turns to see metal sonic*bolt...
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posted by no1BOLTfan
Bolt looked very sad, and he wished Penny took him along.  "We can't just let her go alone!  We need to go after her!"
Bolt looked very sad, and he wished Penny took him along. "We can't just let her go alone! We need to go after her!"
Just before I start, I would like to say this is more of a draft. Please let me know if there are any typos or grammar mistakes. Thanks! Hope you enjoy!


Bolt yawned and lifted up his head just in time to see Penny walking to the front door of the house, rolling a large suitcase along the tile floor. Bolt new this meant she was going on a trip, and that he usually came with her on trips, but he never heard anyone say anything.

"Mittens, where is Penny going?" Bolt asked. Mittens opened her bright green eyes and licked her paw.

"I didn't know Penny was going anywhere. What makes you...
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posted by boltrocks2233
Chapter 4

"Wait, did you say we're in Florida?" Bolt asked. "That's all the way across the country, how are we supposed to get home?" cried Mittens. "Well sorry to break it to you, but it's almost winter time." replied one of the dogs. "And all the planes and ships are closing down for winter. You just missed the last plane!" "Are you crazy?! We were in it!" Rhino said. "Wait a minute! You said for the whole winter?!" Bolt asked. "Yep, all winter!" a slobbery bulldog said. "Looks like you'll have to stay here with us." Bolts eyes widened "That's it! I'm swimming!" Bolt shouted. Mittens...
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One Random Day Bolt Was sitting on the sofa With Mittens And Rhino, suddenly the door bell ramg Penny got it

Misty: *Barks*

Penny: Awww you are just the cutest dog I've seen

Penny brought Misty in the living room, BOLT, MAX MITTENS KIRA EMILY AETHON AND RHINO, COME HERE

*so the 7 animals came to penny*

*Misty jumped down to meet the Family*

Misty: Hello My New Family!

Bolt: Wait Misty is that you? My old Dog Friend from a long time ago?

Misty: Huh? Bolt How did you regonize me?

Bolt: Cause I Remembered that innocent Face of you'res

Misty: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^_^

Mittens: Kira, would You explain what's...
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posted by ANW2004
Part 2

Mittens:We're Helped in Mrs Tweedy Came Back Guard Dogs Came By Then Were Chickens Survived by his Wife of Mrs Tweedy over legend at the time.

Bolt:Mittens The Cat Was all your fault baby.

Mittens:I'll go into a street.

Bolt:Mittens What You Going

Rhino:Mittens Don't!

(Pets Put into a Truck and Get into Tweedy's Farm)

Mittens (Narrator):So Petnappers is The Pet In Farm Subsidies and the Tweedy Can't Get into it.

Mr Tweedy:Ginger so Seen Wedding today.

Mrs. Tweedy:Rocky You Happy.

Ginger:So Babs Why are They With You?


Mr Tweedy:Based a Book.

Mrs. Tweedy:What Are They.

End of Part 2
posted by ANW2004
Mittens:in a while street
Mittens:Like the Snowball Fights Changed off the Coast Production well we can be used for gangs

This is a bolt and chicken run crossover

Rhino:Sure Bolt Why He's Super Awesome What Are They
Mittens:Bolt There was a Deal Reached Right There Over corner?
Rhino:Good To Today See a Rocky was Flying from Circus Leaving as a Sky Through
Mittens:Shut Up Bolt!
Mr Tweedy:Get Away Now!
Mittens:Mr Tweedy!
Bolt:Not Again!
Rhino:Sorry Sure.
posted by ANW2004
No dog am here
Take over
What's here human
Night dog old
That now
Food good
Yuck trash
Have feed Cookie fun
You can superdog more oh no
"Here" said wall-e
"Eeh" said Eve
End of part 1
Wynn dog
Wynn dog
Sugary no yes
Sugary no yes
Over day time wake up
Over day time wake up
helloHere hello there
helloHere hello there
Happy here
Happy here
Here are my bolt stuff! i hope you enjoy and also share some of your merchanise! There is over 200!

Bolt blu-ray dvd
Bolt dvd
Bolt gold edition dvd
The art of bolt
Bolt-book of the film
Bolt wheres penny? book
Bolt colouring book
Bolt 'Lights,camera, ACTION!'book
Bolt watch
Mittens watch
Rhino watch
Penny watch
Watch with Bolt,mittens,penny and rhino.
Bolt limited edition cards
Bolt sticker book (completed TWICE)
Bolt dogtag
Rhino dogtag
Bolt 30" plush
Bolt 23" bean bag toy
Bolt beanbag seat
Bolt 16" plush
Bolt 1" plush (its midget!)super rare!
Bolt 14" plush
Bolt 29" plush (super rare!)
Bolt super bark 24" plush
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posted by boltrocks2233

After being shipped to New York and making it home after a while, Bolt is back in an even crazier adventure. After being transported to Miami, Florida in an airplane mistake, Bolt (accedently) ends up joining the Miami Dade Police Force.There he learns they are captureing and training stray dogs to solve the case of an international bank robber. After the case they are being transported to Los Angeles. Bolt decides to stay with the team, in the prosses Bolt makes new friends and learns there is more to life than kibble and belly-rubs.
Voice by: John Travolta

Known to the Miami...
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"...Xeno was a little on the tubby side..."
"...Xeno was a little on the tubby side..."
“Oh, Bolt, look how grown up he is!” Kira sighed, as she and Bolt were laid out on the vibrant green June grass, watching their only son, the Border Collie-American White cross Xeno (pronounced zee-no) prance around the lawn with ecstatic joy. He was a teen now, but still enjoyed bounding across the grass in the summer.
“I’m gonna get you, Dad!” Xeno called out, racing over to his father, who jumped up in a playful stance.
“Oh no, you’re not!” Bolt challenged, and ran off. Xeno danced after him, a spring in his step.
Xeno was the complete opposite to his dad. Bolt was slim...
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posted by boltrocks2233
Chapter 1
Penny's First Day

"Penny, come on, you're going to be late" said Bolt, as he paced across the floor. "Bolt, hold on! I'm hurrying as fast as I can!" shouted Penny from her bedroom. "Quit your barking already!" Bolt ran along behind Penny as she raced out the door to the bus. Bolt came to a halt and shouted "Wait a minute, what is that yellow machine?!" Mittens ran out the door and said "It's called a bus - people use it to go places when they don't have cars." "Wait a minute, there's a car in the driveway." Bolt replied. "Penny is too young, and her mother is too busy" said Mittens....
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Intro part: "Fetch it Bolt, Fetch it!" Penny shouted. "Gruff!" Bolt barked. The two were running around and playing outside. Bolt caught Mr. Carrot in his jaws and ran back over to Penny. She took his toy and ran around with it. Meanwhile, Mittens and Rhino sat watching. Mittens preened and Rhino did some action from a spy show he saw on TV. Bolt chased Penny until she stopped and coughed a couple of times. It was hot and in the middle of summer. She walked up to the deck of the house and took her orange cup, and took a drink. Penny also walked into the house, and Bolt went in to drink out...
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posted by B0LT
Errors in geography: When Bolt is in New York City, we can see a pedestrian "WALK/DON'T WALK" sign. In New York City, those signs show a white walking character (walk) and a red hand (don't walk).

Revealing mistakes: Near the beginning of the film, Calico is sitting with a cat on his right shoulder. Their reflection is shown in the glasses of a man directly opposite. The reflection shows Calico and the cat in the same position instead of being reversed, as a reflection would be.

Factual errors: The roll-up door on a U-Haul truck cannot be unlatched from the inside.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs:...
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Hey "Aye" said Mac
Thank Lady hake to Hens Ginger for sitting chair in wedding
"Help rhino" said bolt
"Why me" said mittens
"Bolt stop it" rhino cried
"Meet Rocky he's a rooster the American" said lady
"Lady yes" man said
"America!" Said Rocky
"Good Buddy" Said Robin
"Slap me Robin" skipper said
"No no" robin replied
"He's Gone" said lady
"Oh no!" Said Robin
Later end
"Yes bolt you did it!" Said mittens
"Thanks bolt" said rhino
"yes thank you" said bolt
"Bye gang" skipper said.
End of part 3