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This next battle is between Lawson and Spinelli. Like before, you two have no time limit and you are only allowed to use 1 of your 6 pokemon. You may begin by stepping forward. said Principal Prickly Spinelli squinted her eyes out of anger at Lawson before grabbing a Pokeball off her belt. Lawson did the same. Why do you hate me and my friends so? Huh? Care to explain why you do? asked Spinelli You know what? Let's just settle this once and for all. said Lawson Fine. But you're going down. said Spinelli Begin! said Principal Prickly, raising his flag to start the battle. Go! Arbok! said Lawson A tall purple snake pokemon stood tall on the battlefield. An Arbok? Wonder what Spinelli will use to battle an Arbok? asked TJ Scizor! Go! said Spinelli A red winged bug pokemon stood tall on the battlefield ready to go. Poison Sting! said Lawson At his command, Arbok fired tiny needles at Scizor, but Scizor dodged through them with Agility and struck Arbok with Bullet Punch. Arbok wouldn't give up and used Wrap attack on Scizor. Scizor however used Aerial Ace to defeat Arbok. Arbok is unable to battle. Scizor is the winner! said Principal Prickly What? Unbelieveable! I can't believe I lost to you! said Lawson I told you I would kick your butt and I did. said Spinelli Come on guys, let's go. said Lawson Not...so....fast! said Spinelli What do you want now? asked Lawson You lost to me, so you got to pay me a dollar for losing to me. said Spinelli Fine. said Lawson, handing a dollar to Spinelli. Okay. I paid you. Now can I please be on my way with no more interruptions? asked Lawson Yes. You can leave now. said Spinelli Thank you. said Lawson The next battle got underway and was between TJ and Vince. Challengers, step forward to begin the battle. said Principal Prickly TJ and Vince stepped forward. Good. That's it. Looking real good. As before, 1 pokemon each, no time limit. Begin! said Principal Prickly, raising his flag to begin the battle Mr. Mime! Go! said TJ A white and pink clown pokemon stood on the battle field. Hitmonlee! Go! said Vince A tall brown pokemon stood on the battle field
TJ should have the advantage. Psychic types are strong against fighting types. said Gretchen Yeah. I got to take notes. said Gus Hitmonlee! Blaze Kick! ordered Vince Hitmonlee's foot glowed an orange color as it got ready to use the attack it was told to do. Mr. Mime! Reflect! ordered TJ A clear barrier formed around Mr. Mime and Hitmonlee's attack failed to break it. Good try, Hitmonlee. Let's use Aura Sphere! said Vince A red ball of energy formed at Hitmonlee's hands and was headed straight for Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime! Use Psybeam! ordered TJ A multicolored beam shot out from Mr. Mime's hands and stopped the Aura Sphere attack from reaching Mr. Mime. Eventually, Psybeam got so strong it eventually struck Hitmonlee, knocking it out. Hitmonlee is unable to battle! Mr. Mime is the winner! declared Principal Prickly Vince and TJ went to congratulate each other for the battle.
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