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How to Draw and Color Sofia Princess Chibi in Sofia the First | Disney Junior
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(idea by avatar_tla_fan...Thanks:D)
Hi!:) Since I have literally contributed nothing to fanpop to show people my opinions, I have decided to stop hiding in the shadows and show some of my opinions! I will not be explaining anything in this article, but if you want to know why someone is so high or low, you can ask me in the comments! Further explanations will come at later time...
Favorite Princesses:
1). Mulan<3
2). Ariel
3). Elsa
4). Cinderella
5). Belle
6). Anna
7). Jasmine
8). Aurora
9). Merida
10). Rapunzel
11). Tiana
12). Snow White
13). Pocahontas

Favorite Prince:
1). Aladdin<3
2). Eric
3). Flynn...
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Belle was walking home from school. Another perfect day for her- everything was always perfect for her. No enemies or bullies, no horrible teachers, no hard classes, nothing was a trouble for her. Ever.

She walked down the street, people greeting her, telling her to have a nice day.

Wonderful day as usual. Belle thought to herself. Well, I have studies to get to, I might as well get home.

She walked home, went inside, yelled to see if her father was home yet, I guess they're not and started to work on homework that she had that day.

"Okay so-" Belle started to say, until the lights oddly dimmed....
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These are all my lists for random Disney Princess stuff. Favorites, movies, soundtracks, etc. keep in mind that this is just my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours.

Also, I could just put this in the DP list place, but I want to include all the lists I can.


Adore them so much!
1. Rapunzel.
2. Snow White.
3. Cinderella.
4. Aurora.
5. Jasmine.

Love them!
6. Anna.
7. Tiana.
8. Elsa.
9. Mulan.
10. Pocahontas.
11. Merida.

Like her.
12. Ariel.

13. Belle.

Favorite Disney Princess Movies.

Adore so much!
1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
2. Cinderella....
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