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Cinderella as Lady Tremaine
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*~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
In honor of the beautiful Princess of the Month, Ariel, I decided to write this article and decide what the most popular/favorite song is. Here we go...

"Fathoms Below"
"Fathoms Below"

"I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
And it's hey to the starboard, heave-ho
Look out lad a mermaid be waiting for you
In mysterious fathoms below
Fathoms below, below
From whence wayward westerlies blow
Where Triton is king and his merpeople sing
In mysterious fathoms below
Below, below
Mysterious fathoms below"

This is the opening song from The Little Mermaid. This is where we first meet Prince Eric, and most of...
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After all the hype, merchandise and racial debate The Princess and the Frog finally made it to the big screen, jam packed with a variety of different aspects that where inspired by other media. However not one of my favourite princess films, I can appreciate it was a good attempt and can enjoy certain aspects of its story. Now lets look at the concoction of literature, previous films and art stirred together in the Gumbo pot to make Disney's latest fairy tale.

The original text that the film's plot was loosely based of which is a novel released only 7 years prior in 2002 with the title...
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This is an article that disputes whether the events that take place in Frozen were Anna or Elsa's fault. These are my own observations so I apologize if you don't agree, but feel free to comment your opinions below.

Disclaimer: Most of the actions depicted by Anna and Elsa are not really their own fault, but I thought this article could be fun to see how they're actions had consequences to each other's lives. I hope I don't upset anyone with this post, it is honestly just me thinking out loud. Also, a lot of the parts I point out aren't really that characters fault at all and it was really just...
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