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Moana First Look
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Source: http://www.hitfix.com/in-contention/walt-disney-animation-announces-south-pacific-set-moana-for-2016
Moana (2016)
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This Disney Princess photo might contain fountain.

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I tried to use comments that summarize the opinions about a movie of the princess fans as a whole, but sometimes there wasn't one.

10. The Princess and the Frog
PREVIOUS RANK: 9 (dropped)

I'll just come right out with my views on this film and say it deserves last place by a long shot. To me, the least amount of care and dedication was put into this film; it's like Disney worked on the bare bones of it and then threw in the rest of the details haphazardly without fleshing anything out. The plot is a snoozefest and has major loopholes, some of the characters are unnecessary, the historical...
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Horrible picture,I know
Horrible picture,I know
This would have been up sooner but my mum shut down the computer so everything got deleted and I have to write it all down again.Argh!Do you know how annoying that is?

I'm not mad at belle ;I'm mad at the movie for creating her.She's so brave;she's so kind;she's so noble.And you know what?That's not my problem with her.My problem is that the movie never shuts up about this.Every second he's on screen I can tell the movie is trying to make the ultimate role model.We have to like her;we have no other choice.They keep adding as many good traits to her as possible to get the audience to...
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Meh, it's not as great as I hoped, and you can barely see the coloring but oh well...
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A recently released Teaser for Disney's Rapunzel story 'Tangled'.
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Here's my twin/friend Traci Hines she's very talented. She's not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside here's her YouTube link I also have that link on my page here!! link
beyond my wildest dreams
the little mermaid on broadway
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Okay, so before I start, I just want to say that this was what I had wanted Frozen to be like when I first heard about this movie, when there was almost no information about it. So of course this was based on one of the earliest story line Disney gave us, and I still felt like it would have been better this way. Please don't be rude about my opinions even if you disagree with them (which most people probably do) but do feel free to tell me what you thought about my version of Frozen. Sorry for babbling for so long, well, here's my version of Frozen! :)

"Psst. Elsa. Elsa! Elsa, wake up, wake...
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