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Belle's nude look
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Alot of you may really like this one.
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Rapunzel & Ariel are completely different, and frankly, I’m sick of the comparisons. Today, I am finally addressing the common miscomprehension that Rapunzel is simply an Ariel “knock-off”. And if any feelings are hurt in the process, I apologize.

We first met Ariel lurking around a sunken ship while simultaneously ditching/ruining Sebastian’s much-anticipated concert. Let’s call that strike one. When she returns to apologize for missing the concert, we learn she is disobeying her father. Now I can at least understand this. It was harmless fun – minus the shark...
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There's been word out that the female lead from the upcoming Pixar/Disney film Brave may be the newest addition to the Disney Princess lineup. If she makes it in, this will give us a total of eleven princesses. Basically this is the Pro and Cons of adding Merida to the roster. Personally, I think she'll be a good addition to DP. I'm very excited and can't wait to see her movie and from what I've seen Merida's a pretty cool character. Her movie hasn't even premiered yet and I already like her better than Rapunzel. There are factors working against Merida when it comes to Disney Princess. So...
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