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I might slip a cuss word or two, you've been warned. As usual, I'm just going to cut to the chase.

13. Merida
I'm aware of the good things said about Merida, but there are just so many other things that turn me off. Like making an anti-princess Princess was boringly unoriginal on Pixar's part and she basically gives a middle finger to her predecessors and to girly girls in general. To sum it up, I'm just sick of the tough girl archetype she represents.

12. Aurora
I feel like there are Aurora fans who overanalyze her character, basing their interpretation on extremely minor factors....
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first, I want to apologize for the pictures. I didn't feel like making them, didn't have inspiration, but I wait too long to write this article.
Anyway, here we go!

11.Prince Charming
It's interesting that Prince Charming spends so much time yawning during the ball, because I think most of fanpop spends their time yawning when they think about Prince Charming. He merely served as a body for Cinderella to dance with and couldn't even be bothered to find the girl he liked- probably exhausted from all that eye rolling.

"Prince Charming is my least favorite prince. That's a usual spot for him,...
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