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NOTE ♥ These are not necessarily my personal opinions but the results of a countdown in which an approximate amount of 45 users voted per round.

7. Beach Rags

Big surprise. The outfit that is clearly meant to be a joke comes in last place. Do I really need to go into any explanation on this one? Although I vaguely remember a few randos saying that they thought it was cool. Why do I get the feeling those kids were the ones who ate glue and got stuffed into lockers in middle school? Moving on...

6. Pink Ballgown

What was that little bitch Carlotta thinking? I bet she's jealous because...
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Because why not?

13. Jasmine


I never really thought Jasmine was pretty, save for several select shots, and know I see why. The shape of her eyes make her look freaky and alienish when they're open all the way. Her nose is alright in some shots, like the above, but it looks plain weird in others. In her bad shots, she doesn't even look human, so of course she's 13.

12. Merida


I had a dream of putting Merida high on my list, yet that dream was sadly crushed when I actually made this stupid thing. So here she is, at 12. Anywho, I find Merida to have a unique but stunning...
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posted by AudreyFreak
I'm bored on fanpop, haven't written anything myself in ages (sorry, still working on my Favorites list!) so here's a cliché looks list for you guys to enjoy or totally hate. ;) Elsa and Anna included.

13. Merida.

I think Merida's eyes look good in some shots like in this pic. In others, she looks rather scary (like Chuckie, if you've read my old Prettiest list). If she had more defined lashes and maybe a less circular shape I'd have her higher. I don't think they're bad eyes; I just prefer the others.

Wide, innocent, and sky-blue
Wide, innocent, and sky-blue

12. Ariel.

I'm still trying to decide if Ariel's should...
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a little hard to understand but completely hilarious!
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12) Evil Queen as the Old Hag

I don't think that I have to say why she's last. She's hideous and very scary, her face is horrible and I hte her hair. The only thing I like about her is the light green color of her eyes.

11) Old Mother Gothel

I believe that she's very ugly. But I actually like her hair...

10) Ursula

I think that if she was slim and with beautiful facial features, Ursula would be absolutely gorgeous, because I really like the combination of white hair, purple skin, gray eyes and red lips. Unfortunately, she's plump, with an awful nose, weird eyes and a huge mouth....
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I don't really like Lindsay Ellis at all but I never thought I'd see the day where I agree with her on something and she'd have a video that perfectly sums up how I feel about Disney today.

I was watching her Beauty and the Beast 2017 review and she pretty much hit the nail on the head of all my issues. She was basically complaining about how years of whiny, nitpicky nobodies on the internet like you and me going on and on about "plothole" this and "problematic" that regarding Disney movies has pretty much resulted in the hot ass messes modern Disney films are today. How Beauty and the Beast...
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