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Here's another article of mine and this time I'm going to make an article about my bravest Disney Princesses, but I can tell you that all of them are brave in their own kind of way so choosing where to place them was hard.

10. Aurora

Well, it's clearly not a surprise that she's so low on my list, but even though she's last on my list I still find her brave, if only she had more screentime I think that I would most probably move her a bit higher up. Anyway she does do brave things, but not enough to move her any higher.

9. Jasmine

Like Aurora I still find her brave despite her low placement,...
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Well I wrote a favorite prince article so I decided to write a most handsome article too, hope you'll enjoy it :)

10. Beast (human form only)

It's hard to rank an animal so I'll only base my ranking on his human form. I seriously think he should remain beast, I hate his human form, his hair is too similar to Belle's and his smile is a bit weird to me, but his eyes are beautiful. His hair is actually even more awful when it's in a ponytail, the loose hair is acceptable, but in a ponytail it looks so awful to be honest!

9. Shang

I don't get why people finds him handsome, his hair is...
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I did an article like this more than a year ago and I saw some other people doing this so I decided to do it too, hope you'll like this article :)

Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs:

I really love the ending of this movie, it's my favorite movie scene of all time. The scene makes me emotional everytime I watch it not only because of all the emotions shown in the scene, but also because this scene is so beautifully drawn especially the very end when Snow White & Prince ride off into the sunset and we see the Prince's castle, also my two favorite songs from the movie are heard again here

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