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Snow White
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snow white
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snow white and the seven dwarfs
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I did not make up this poem. I found it on youtube and I thought it was really cute. I just wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

Cinderella walked on broken glass

Aurora let a whole lifetime pass

Belle fell in love with a hideous beast

Pocahontas risked her life for a feast

Jasmine could have chose anyone instead she chose a poor man

Ariel walked on land all for love and for life

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an unperfect person perfectly.
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Users have been picking their least favorite character for each round. Thank you to all of you who took part in this countdown! So here are the results:

19. The Matchmaker
Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
I was so surprised this stern lady or man left first... yeah not really. Nobody liked her because she is the most loathsome character in the movie and she isn't truly important to the plot to begin with.

''I could see the movie doing very well without even exposing the audience to the matchmaker, let alone her snobbish, inconsiderate tendencies. Mulan...
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Merida in Disney Princess shading
Merida in Disney Princess shading
After seeing this image of Merida in Disney Princess shading. We know what that means. Yep! Merida will officially join the Royal Court along with the other Official Disney Princesses. So we might as well get prepared for her welcoming here.

So the banner needs to changed, who ever was in charge of that during Rapunzel's welcoming needs to be notified.
(If I remember correctly it was a contest and the banner with the most votes win. and the person who created Disney Princess fanpop-fanclub changes the banner.)

Does anybody know if Merida will get a coronation like Tiana and Rapunzel? So that...
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10.Beast gives Belle the Library

This library is KICK ASS. Seriously, when I was a kid I wanted to run through it and open every book, climb all the ladders. It's like Chuck E. Cheese for nerds. The majesty and enormity of the room astounded me, but the fact the Beast can't read makes me think this room is just a big slap in the face :D Anyway, the scene is wonderful, but not as important as others.

"...this scene is cute, but to me it is not as significant." (ppgbelle4)

"To compare this scene with others, it's less important. Sure, it's sweet, but... Oh... It's impossible to pick one....
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So…some of y’all might remember that when I first join Fanpop, I did a Best DP Mother countdown. And now I have finally got around to making the article. Enjoy…

Poor Mulan…I totally disagree on her placement in this countdown, but this is all of the DP Club’s opinion. I thought that Mulan would be a great mom, as the kids in the second movie adored her, but other fans bring up a good point. Since Mulan is a solider, she would be away from home a lot. And since Shang’s in the army too, there wouldn’t be anyone to be with the kids. Mulan’s also pretty dedicated to the...
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