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First of all ignorant Ariel haters are advised not to read this because I am being brutally honest and not holding back. For those who say I'm being harsh they show no respect for Ariel's fans and treat her like she's some kind of heartless monster so I don't owe them one bit of respect and will not show them any because they don't deserve it. Also I will not be doing the cliche of comparing Ariel to Merida, I've already done that in my Ariel vs Merida article. Besides, people do that enough already and I can't stand this war between them, it's really annoying. However I will be comparing her...
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I did a countdown about the most developed DPs, and now here are the results. Sorry for the delay! I've been very busy lately. I'd just like to thank everyone who participated in this countdown and left a comment. Anyways here are the results.

13. Aurora

MacytheStrange - None of the Classics developed. A reason why they're my least favorite Era as a whole.
Silverrose1991 - Even if they're my favorite era, the Classic Princesses don't have any character development.

12. Snow White

324anna: Snow White doesn't change at all during the movie, she remains the same.
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It is time to begin the Disney's Next Top Model Cycle 1: Princess Edition and firstly the princess models have to meet each other at the top model house. The models get to talk to each other for the first time.

Anna to Merida: Me and Elsa are sisters so I have at least I will have someone to help me throughout the competition.
Merida to Anna: The only sibling I have are my three triplet brothers.
Jasmine to Anna: I am here to win this contest and I don't need friends. So if I need someone to help me it will me helping myself.
Rapunzel giggles.

Aurora: Snow White is by far my best friend...
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posted by dclairmont
I wrote this same article a while back, but looking back on it, it really doesn't give Aurora the recognition she deserves! I've really been in a writing article mood, so I thought why not update it! So yeah, I hope you enjoy this article! :)

One thing I really love about Aurora is how tricky she can be. We first see this with her aunts when Aurora knows that they're talking about her (shown by the suspicious smile on her face), but she pretends she doesn't suspect anything. She even says, "and what are you dears up to?" to strike a little fear in them. We also see this with the animals, which...
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The Korean version, Rapunzel has a nice voice here!
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