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This Disney Princess photo contains bouquet, corsage, posy, and nosegay. There might also be rose, rosiness, camellia, and camelia.

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The Free Spirit
The Free Spirit
I haven't done a princess rant in a long time, so let's get the ball rolling again with Pocahontas.

First of all as much as I love the film Pocahontas it is easy to see why history buffs would find this movie frustrating. Disney took a story that was perfectly fine the way it was and made borderline unnecessary changes to it. In real life Pocahontas and John Smith were never involved romantically, their bond was more of a sibling relationship and Poca was also very much underage. This is just to name afew quite frankly pointless changes to the story. But then again, I can't really blame...
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Each Disney Princess has two very different forms that Disney uses- they each have the version from their classic movie, but they also each have a franchise version. And these two versions aren't the same necessarily. Some princesses looks were thought to have changed significantly in the change from paper and screen to Disney Princess bikes and Disney Princess beds and the like. Other princesses had changes less pronounced. So here is the rank, going from most changed to least changed princess from movie to franchise versions.

9. Cinderella

Poor, poor Cinderelly... as the "leader" of the...
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