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I get that I probably don’t need to do this on here that much, but I still see a ton of unfounded criticisms of Ariel online, so I’m going for it anyway.

Ariel only became human because of a MAN!!!
Have. You. Watched. The. First. Fifteen. Minutes. Of. The. Movie?!? Our first exposure to Ariel is when we see her searching for human trinkets on a shipwreck. She has an entire CAVERN(/grotto?) full of human artifacts she’s collected over the years! Part of Your World is before she goes to the surface and first sees Eric. But sure, she only cares about being a human because of a man. Let’s...
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The trailer to the new Disney XD series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" about a magical princess from another dimension.
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Now that we know who Fanpop's Favorite Disney Princesses are at the moment, let's get into the movies, and Fanpop user's overall opinion on them.

12. Cinderella: 269 Points.
A classic, and usually considered the most iconic Disney Princess Movie. Well, it sure didn't do too well in this countdown, and a lot of the users placed it in their bottom three, or even last. Most people tend to find it boring, dull, not entertaining, uninteresting, didn't like it in general, or just placed it last because they loved the others more. The, "old-fashioned ness" of the movie doesn't help things for...
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