Disney Princess Rate the Disney Song Above You

MissCinico posted on Jan 04, 2017 at 03:51AM
Just like all the other rating forums, rate the Disney song above you then leave another song to be rated by the next person.

- It has to be Disney, not necessarily Disney Princess though
- The ratings are out of 10
- Have fun and stuff!

Person A: Part of Your World!

Person B: 8/10, Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty

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over a year ago MissCinico said…
So This is Love from Cinderella!
over a year ago truth76 said…
7/10 I like it.

Under the Sea.
over a year ago andy10B said…

Someday my prince will come
over a year ago anukriti2409 said…

Friend like me (Aladdin)
over a year ago _CatWoman_ said…
8/10 I love the socre. I think I've said this in one of my articles before

over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
9/10 one of the most underrated songs, but beautiful lyrics, music and singing

Be our guest
over a year ago Evera said…
8/10 Great song!

Let It Go
over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
8/10 very memorable but now i'm tired of it

I wonder (The sleeping beauty)
over a year ago MissCinico said…
6/10 It's not one of my favorites, but it's sweet.

How Far I'll Go
over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
7/10 nice to listen but nothing exceptional

Part of your world
over a year ago fox22 said…
6,5/10 nice song but not a song that I keep listen at and search on youtube or spotify.

Almost there
over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
10/10 a perfect song

I've got a dream
over a year ago MissCinico said…
7/10 It's good, I like it, it's just not great.

Poor Unfortunate Souls
over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
10/10 iconic!

Colors of the Wind
over a year ago Starfox2000 said…
10/10 Adore it.

over a year ago Evera said…
5/10 It has cool parts but overall I'm not a fan of it.

Touch the Sky
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over a year ago truth76 said…
8/10 I like it.

Just Around the River bend.
over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
9/10 love it

I'll make a man out of you
over a year ago ace2000 said…
7/10 it's okay but not one of my favorites

Be Our Guest
over a year ago KataraLover said…
9/10 It's awesome!

I'll Try
11 months ago MissCinico said…
6/10 From Return to Neverland right? It's not one of my favorites, it's too poppy for a Disney song in my opinion.

God Help the Outcasts
11 months ago coolsinger198 said…

Heavens Light
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6 days ago MissCinico said…

I See The Light