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Okay so......everyone thinks demi lovato is a bad person.....but she is my idol and just because she did one bad thing doesnt mean she is a horrible person.....i have my own opinion but people take stuff toooo far..so people shouldnt be so hard on her i mean she is 18 she accually has the right to do what she wants..i know it wasnt the right choice but it was her dicsion....maybe somthing tradgic happend to a family member .....well you guys probally arent sure?huh??...well then the people that ae being rude to demi could shut their mouths because theyre just jelouse they dont have her wonderful acting and singing skills well...thats my own opinion......and thanks for reading this please fell free to comment any time
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Song: 'Sexy Back' by Justin Timberlake
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Disney Frozen Switch Em Up OLAF! If you enjoy this video, please subscribe to my youtube channel.
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The Mighty Ducks
The Mighty Ducks
Hi guys, I will write down some of my favourite shows on the Disney Channel since young.

The Mighty Ducks

This series was the very first that I really love, it also got me into liking hockey. Especially the real Mighty Ducks, I did not know that the animated series was based on a real life movie that has nothing like the animated series at all!


The second series that I fell in love, considering that it is a very dark and sinister for an animated series itself. One of my favourite moments in the series was about the Hunters leading up to the Quarrymen led by John Castaway (formerly known...
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