Disney Channel "Disney Superstars" crossover movies in animation on Disney Channel, announced!

DDD1988Redux posted on Jun 30, 2015 at 07:07AM
You know what, I frequently heard that as of July 5, 2015, The Walt Disney Company's television animation studio is finally working on approx. 40 animated made-for-TV movies featuring characters from numerous Disney Animation franchises. Approx. 8 will be on Disney Channel each year for 5 years, which is just in contrast to an additional 5 Disney Superstars crossover spin-off films from Walt Disney Pictures and its feature-length animation movie studio with approx. 1 per year for 5 years, which is finally scheduled to be released theatrically worldwide except in the U.S. & Canada where they can be made available exclusively on DVD, Blu-ray Disc & HD Digital Video.

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