I hate this show so much! It is horrible! Austin to me, acts like dumb 5 year old in a teen boy's body! Ally talks with no emotion WHATSOEVER, and is one of the ugliest Disney actresses the company has EVER hired! All you hear yabbering from Austin's mouth is "Hi! I'm Austin Moon! (wow the writers must have been REALLY creative to come up with a name like that- NOT)the overnight internet sensation! " It's so annoying! The songs are crappy, Trish is way too fat to wear the tight outfits that she wears, and what a great role model for kids! Getting fired from a new job every day! GREAT JOB DISNEY! Why can't Disney be like what it was before! The princess movies, mickey mouse and friends, THE LION KING! It really is true, and I cried because of this one day- this Michael Eisner guy truly did ruin Disney... It's such a horrible and tragic reality...

I almost feel like they are making fun of the heavy chicken, even when they aren't, she always seems left out and is portrayed as lazy and listless - fat people stereotypes. ALL of the characters or caricatures of over used generalities: the awkward clumsy girl with inner beauty, her fat but funny, loud, and confident best friend, the hot guy best who doesn't know the clumsy girl likes him, the hot guys dorky wing man who isn't very smart, but just gets him. , add some sub-par talent and a music gimmick and that's the entire show. Also its another unrealistic Disney show where the parents are somehow forever absent and the teens pretty much control their entire lives alone, even though they don't drive and don't have jobs.

Firstly, the show never gave its audience any reason that they should even care about the characters or what happens to them. Secondly, there's zero character development. Third, they play the "stupid" jokes way too much. IE: making a character overly stupid to the point that it's not funny at all. And the plot is poorly thought through. Pretty much the same thing happens every episode, I think. There's such a lack of creativity and surprise twists that it makes me want to pound my T.V. screen in with the remote.
Enough said.

1. Austin and Ally can't sing.
2. Ally's songs are horrible.
3. Dez is unbelievably stupid and Trish makes fun of him for that. There are real people in the world who actually can't work their brain correctly and they act nothing like Dez. This influences kids to make fun of real ignorant people!
4. None of the actors can act.
5. The writers forget to put the obvious stuff in the show. They don't put it in and the show ends up making no sense at all. Remember that episode where Austin becomes orange and sweaty for Ally? He sweats all over the front of his shirt and the back is completely dry.