*Im at the M.B house*
Prince:opens the door* hi yall im back
Me:hi bros
me- yes I am
Roc-hi sis why u got them glasses on*walks up to me and take the glasses off*
Me-covers my eye as soon as he take off the glasses*
Prod-walks up to me* take yo hand down
Me-fine ok *takes my hand down*
Roc-sis..... did that nigga hit you
Me-didn't answer*
Prod-answer the question
Me-*started crying* yes he did
Me-*looks at Prince* Prince kissed me and diggy saw us
Prince-yannia im sorry *hugs me*
Me-it's ok plus diggy used to pull guns on me
Roc-im gonna kill that nigga
Me-well im sle*passes out*
Prod-wtf just happened
Prince-im just gonna take her and the room she sleepy
* 2 hours later we all go to sleep*