one day, my gurls and me (sandy) we went to the beach we saw the mb with a cute boy. prodigy went up to fiona
prod; hey baby watya doing
fi;hey prod hanging out with my gurls. hey who's that cute boy
prince; oh yeah his name is diggy simon our friend and who's that girl.
anok; she's our friend
then the mb and my 2 friends anok and fiona was groupe hug. fiona; since they r alone we can make diggy and sandy as bf and gf u know wat i mean right
prince and anok; who's hungry
diggy and sanhdy; jinx u guys own me a soda
prince and anok; now u guys own us a soda
then we all went to hungry jack
fi and prod; wat do u guys want
me and diggy was eating 6 wicked wings meal we were both shy so he said
diggy; sandy do u want to share
me; ok diggy thanks
so diggy was thinking
diggy; do u want to go on a date
me; ok its fine to me
then we went to the movie we watched scary movie 3
prod was holding on fi's hand, prince was holding on anok's hand, diggy was holding on to my hand it was my first time a boy holding my hands.

when we finish watch the movie we went to the mb's house i saw anok's big bro roc and my bro ray.
ray; hey sis
guess who is fiona's big bro..... it's princeton can u believe it
ray and roc starting to tease diggy and sandy
roc; is that ur gurl diggy huh
ray; yeh on my little sis huh
roc and ray; diggy got a crush na na na na na
i was blushing the my face turned red
prod; fiona can i talk to u privately in my room
fi; yeh sure
they went upstairs
prod; fiona i have to say that u know we were dating so i think we should break up
fiona herd inoth she run downstairs