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Superhero - Popularity Project Questionnaire  sightlysouls 0 2820 over a year ago
who are your favorite dc heroes & villians?  BLAMargera123 5 3575 over a year ago
Favorite comic book artist?  Lucy64 5 4352 over a year ago
Does anyone on here make their own comics? And if so do u use ur own characters?  Batmanfan7 1 3475 over a year ago
Batman Greatest Villian  hotbobafett 7 3465 over a year ago
Saitama (One Punch Man) VS Superman  Cheezeh3d 0 2564 over a year ago
List your top 10 favourite Batman villains! My list is posted:  Batmanfan7 0 2488 over a year ago
What do you think of the Titan magazine comics of Batman?  Batmanfan7 0 1828 over a year ago
Some questions on comic strips  omanwill 0 1205 over a year ago
DCU Next Generation! DCU Roleplay  BLAMargera123 3 2545 over a year ago
A cool Wonder Woman Fan movie  cmangund 0 7250 over a year ago
New DC Movie  night-vamphog 0 1771 over a year ago
Cute Batman Skirt!  hllokittylvr26 0 2522 over a year ago
DC Comics: Screencap Reference  Sunshine47 0 979 over a year ago
Does anyone want some DC Comics wallpapers?  catchfrase 2 1473 over a year ago
superman and batman painting  dclover 1 2054 over a year ago
I just read Identidy Crisis. It was sooooo sad!  Lucy64 2 1710 over a year ago
75th anniversary  diddy-pie 0 1653 over a year ago
DC comics film adaptations  harold 5 2095 over a year ago
New CB Network Seeks Artists and Writers  porto5 0 2455 over a year ago
brand new watchmen preview. coming asap!  superfangirl 1 1889 over a year ago
Fans Opinions Required!  samgaunt1988 1 1957 over a year ago
Batman action figures  batmanfan83 0 1500 over a year ago
MK vs DC Universe- get your free copy!  hsbip 0 2138 over a year ago
Superhero Tournament Sweet Sixteen - Vote!  ARupp 0 1655 over a year ago
Vote for the best superhero ever  ARupp 0 1652 over a year ago
Mortal Kombat vs DC ,who do you want to see.  rookyboy 1 1351 over a year ago
wonder woman movie.....???  twilightlover13 0 1635 over a year ago
Loughborough Games and Comics Day  benji 0 1776 over a year ago
Please Help  wildsey 0 1621 over a year ago
DC Expert Needed  Grievy 0 1544 over a year ago