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Are you a Romance Novel Fan? Do you want to attend an editorial session for a new book?

CALLING ALL ROMANCE NOVEL FANS!!! New View Research is doing a project for Barnes & Noble. We are searching for people who love to read romance novels to participate in an editorial session for a new book! If chosen, you would be flown to San Francisco for the session and paid $100 for spending a couple hours with us sharing your opinions as a reader.

If you're interested please email Elaine Blume at
1) Some background on you: the city you live in, your age, marital status, what you do for a living, what you do for fun, etc.
2) How many romance novels you read a month.
... ... 3) Your top 3 favorite authors and top 3 favorite titles.
4) If you're involved in any reading groups or author fan clubs, or any other links that would help us know you better - such as your Facebook page ("like" us), or Fan Club bio.

We hope to hear from you as soon as possible and happy reading!

(This is a real opportunity, and we do not intend this to be spam.)
 elaineyb posted over a year ago
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