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Damon & Elena Question

Is there a specific moment where Damon chose to 'switch on' his humanity?

After going through some articles it seems that people think he had switched it off at some point and then went back during season 1 or 2.
I always thought he never switched it off since he was completely in love with Katherine when we first meet him in Season 1.
 agtonyx posted over a year ago
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Damon & Elena Answers

I don't think it was a specific moment, I think it came back little by little.

Like when he gently stroked Elena's cheek because he missed Katherine (even though JP is trying to make us belive it was because DE had met first)

Or when he buried vicky so Stefan wouldn't get in trouble and latter compelled Jeremy to forget about her so he wouldn't be in pain.

I don't recall anything specific happening that made him realize he couldn't stay without humanity.

My theory is that they can block their feelings but at some point those feelings are getting trough the barrier until there is none left.
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posted over a year ago 
I also got the impression that turning off the humanity only took a moment, while turning it on again happens in a longer process (although I don't know how being ordered to turn it on again would work out).
panther-jewel posted over a year ago
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