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Zokay, just something to thing about: the sire bond. So, my questions. A: In your opinion, is it possible that Elena can be human AND sired to Damon? And B: How would this affect Delena if it was possible?

Elena's a doppelganger. A supernatural occurrence, right? We know werewolves can't be sired and hybrids can be sired. That means even if you aren't entirely a vampire, you can be sired. So what would happen if Elena became human again and was still sired to Damon? I mean, being a doppelganger, she would still be supernatural and would have been a vampire at some point. This is the first bond of it's kind, since Katherine wasn't sired and Tatia died. This is also the first time a cure has even been mentioned, so it's possible it's not a complete cure, maybe a partial cure? I know it's a little bit stupid, but I'm just curious since the sire bond and the cure have been central to the S4 storyline.
 DelenaLove201_ posted over a year ago
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Damon & Elena Answers

AnamHussain95 said:
Elena will not be sired if she turns back into a human because Julie said that Elena will remain sired as long as she is a vampire. Also, based on the information we have so far about vampire sire bonds, they only magnify the human feelings when the person turns into a vampire. So if the gang find the cure then the sire bond breaks with either Elena turning human or Damon turning human. If, Elena would still be sired to Damon as a human, although its not possible, but if she will be it will just create more issues with the love triangle n the story would go around in circles. Julie would never do something like that especially now that many fans are exhausted with the love triangle. If Elena does turn back into a human she will still choose n love Damon because her desires n feelings will still be her own, only her physical state would change. If Damon turns back into a human, it won't change anything either because Elena has fallen in love with Damon regardless of everything he has done in the past. The storyline of the cure is still pretty ambiguous n incomplete. We don't know the full depth of what it is and how it works so coming up with theories about it, is just torturing yourself. As far as this sire bond is concerned, it is only an obstacle n a means to create angst to drag the show forward. DE will never look back, they r together n it will stay that way.
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posted over a year ago 
Good, because I really hope it never comes to this. I'm actually only asking, because it seems like TVD is pulling things out of air. Ever since the Originals became vampires, Rebekah has wanted to be human again. Klaus has wanted Katherine to be human again for around 500 years. So instead of searching for a cure, he patiently waited for another doppelganger. He didn't know about Katherine's child. But now, with Elena, Klaus is the one that mentions the cure just as a bunch of hunters and a creepy professor enter the town. So why has no mention of a cure been documented? So I thought to pull out something else ridiculous and see where it leads. TVD forever, Delena forever.
DelenaLove201_ posted over a year ago
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