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The fans pick: no dalena rules
no dalena rules
The fans pick: Yes! Wasn't Demi a Dalena supporter or something?
Yes! Wasn&# 39; t Demi a Dalena...
No. Why should it make a...
The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Yep. It's bound to happen.
The fans pick: DUH! I ship them right now already!
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Dalena Wall

fansfunsz said …
wow Posted over a year ago
pEnELoPe3six said …
They are more better than Jelena Posted over a year ago
demididiluv commented…
i tottaly agree! over a year ago
pEnELoPe3six commented…
The old Selena Gomez will still be here is Justin Bieber didn't appear. She became (a very wee bit) naughty girl right now since I saw her photos kissing with Justin Bieber. I'm so insecured :''( over a year ago
hls commented…
I think Justin and Selena r perfect but now that they Brock up she has been expressing her feelings that is why and the song slow down she is expressing herself over a year ago
sehrish8 said …
i love u both Posted over a year ago
downs commented…
They make more sense then jelena over a year ago