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Note: I DID NOT WRITE THIS FIC! Lj user amathela did. FULL CREDIT goes to her. Im only posting this so those without a livejournal can read :)


@selenagomez so, where would you like to hold the wedding? is on David's twitter the next day, and maybe Selena should be mortified, like, they're not even dating, but instead, it makes her smile.

And it's probably just a non sequitur or whatever, but she's feeling brave (or maybe stupid), so she tweets back:

@David_Henrie how about...
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I found a spoof in the internet (that was real) just read it(i don't put the full spoof):Wizards Of Waverly Place stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie were seen kissing behind a tree near a Brooklyn park.

Selena and David were very embarrassed about the matter, so much so, that they pretended like they hated each other. But when we sat both of them down together, they both admitted, "Well yeah, we have always been close buds, but that day when we were hanging out just talking, everything just fell into place, and we kissed."

..wait a minute - - - "hanging out just talking, everything just fell...
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