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Neha is still unconscious. So Kriya took a bottle of water n poured it on Neha.

Neha : Aaah...Are you mad ?
Kriya : Yeah ..this was the only way to get you up..*giggles*

Neha : hey.. stop laughing okk

Kriya : Ok ok :T

Neha : Neha have to talk with the handsome Vicky

Kriya : NEHAAA HE'S DEAF DEAF DEAF DEAF AND DEAF try to understand babe...How can you fall in love with a boy who is deaf?

Neha : You are right I forgot that he was.........

Kriya ( tries to console her ) Don't think about him ok ? come on lets have an ice cream what say ?

Neha : No Kriya...I don't want to do anything
Kriya : ufff

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