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JosepineJackson said …
Joined <3 Posted 1 month ago
cynti19 said …
Btw, for next of my new look (which is... *spoiler alert* winter theme and possible to start on November) might be cancelled due to my real life or personal busy stuffs. But I decide to come back here around on December (*spoiler alert* aka my birthmonth), but I'm not really sure yet. Posted 1 month ago
yorkshire_rose commented…
Aww,hope you come back soon,Cynti.I will look forward to your new Winter look,LY <3 1 month ago
cynti19 said …
Love the new look of my spot, thanks to anyone who participates this. We gonna have another new look again by November, but it's currently secret as of now. Posted 1 month ago
Lavendergolden commented…
Aww, we are glad we could do something for you! It seems, that, my icon was selected. I am happy you love it. And Heather's banner is also lovely 1 month ago
cynti19 commented…
I didn't know if was yours, I thought is... Berni's icon. 1 month ago
cherl12345 commented…
Nice 1 month ago