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Cinders posted on Sep 28, 2009 at 07:58PM
I like Christ. I like the ideals he represents, and even though I'm not Christian, I still try to model several of his teachings. And because I am not explicitly Christian, when Dearheart first made this spot, I fully supported it-- but did not join, because I didn't feel that it was really my cup of tea.

But I love art. I am, myself, an artist. And I have gone on deviantART and found Christian pieces to add to this spot. And yet, I still didn't join.

But I realized that I didn't necessarily have to be Christian to join this spot, just like I didn't necessarily have to be Christian to admire Christ.

So I'm joining, to show my full support, and to encourage people to express their faith. Who knows? Maybe I'll contribute something Christ-related that I made.

I assume this is OK with the rest of you?

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over a year ago jedigal1990 said…
well i just joined but its okay with me
over a year ago Dearheart said…
big smile
Cinders...I know this reply is incredibly late and it doesn't matter now...but OF COURSE you can join! Please, don't ever feel like you can't join a Christian-related spot just because you aren't a Christian. You're a cool person with a lot of cool things to say and it's always wonderful to talk to you. ^__^ (And who knows? Maybe by joining, you'll learn some new things or get a few nudges from God or something, teehee...)
over a year ago annalia said…
yea, of cource it's ok!
over a year ago Cinders said…

OK. At least in this forum, we aren't bothering anyone else. If you want to get into this again, I told you I was an agnostic. It was in my long list of sins that I had confessed to you link, before you deleted all your comments and made it look like I was a crazy person talking to myself. But my personal spirituality doesn't matter, because I'm a fan of Christianity, and frankly, I've read more of the Bible and had more theological discussions than several "Christians" I know.

The reason I choose not to identify as Christian, despite having deep respect for the religion, even loving several passages of the Bible and being an informal follower Christ's teachings, is that I cannot wholly commit myself to the faith aspect of the religion. I don't believe, and to claim that I did would be a lie. That said, I love Christ - I think he is a great symbol and role model for the entire human race, and I am a fan of what he said. Just because I'm not Christian does not mean I cannot discuss Christianity or Theology with integrity and merit. And just because you are Christian doesn't make your interpretation of the religion any more correct than mine.

And yes, I did say that no one was making that argument, because no one was saying that. I don't know why you keep quoting that when all I was saying was that no one was saying that Christianity is not about Christ. The only one saying that was you. You acted like someone was trying to say that Christianity was about something else, but you were reacting to a threat that didn't exist.

I never received a response for my apology. I assume that means you didn't accept it, and you don't forgive me. That's your right. You don't have to accept it or forgive me. But just so anyone else who may read this knows, I apologized both publicly and privately for being so aggressive and catty with my remarks, but I did not apologize for the sentiment behind them. I always say what I mean. How it comes out is sometimes accidental. I never meant for you to feel attacked, and I never meant to upset you with my opinion, but that's my opinion. And it's no more or less valid than yours.
over a year ago Cinders said…
And you deleted your forum post again making me look like a total crazy person talking to no one. Thanks for that. Because I stand by my words, I rarely have to delete my comments. In fact, I can't think of a time when I did.