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posted by RikkiChan
I'm sure everyone who cosplay have at least one or two dream cosplays that you would love to make and wear someday. I thought it would be fun to share with you my top ten dream cosplays. Feel free to also tell me what your dream cosplays are in the comments.

1, Eternal Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon Stars
Sailor Moon is my all time favorite anime so it makes sense that my top dream cosplay would be Sailor Moon's final and most detailed transformed outfit.

2, All of my favorite Pretty cures
I know I cheated on this one but I couldn't resist. Magical girl is my favorite genre of anime and I think the Pretty Cure girls have the cutest MG outfits I've ever seen. If I could, I would cosplay every one of my favorite cures.

3, Ella from Cinderella 2015
One of my favorite things about Disney Princesses is the poofy dresses they wear. I fell in love with the new Cinderella dress before the movie came out.

4, Belle from Beauty and the Beast ( Yellow dress )
My favorite animated disney princess dress is Belle's yellow ball gown. The reason why I like the dress is the same reason why I like the new Cinderella dress. Hey, I have a obsession with poofy princess dresses ok?!

5, All of the Eeveevolution from Pokemon
Here's another one that I just could not chose between. The entire Eevee evolution is my favorite pokemon so I would love to eventually cosplay every single one.

6, Bloom, Musa, and Flora from Winx Club
I know I cheated again. Winx is one of my top favorite non anime cartoons. I can't just choose one girl from the show. I always loved the winx girls sparkly fairy wings and outfits. I would love to cosplay all of their different fairy forms.

7, Risa from DNAngel
I have a huge obsession with this anime. The main reason why she is on this list is because I want to cosplay as Risa if I ever get the chance to meet my favorite voice actor who did the voice of my favorite male character in the anime.

8, Rapunzel from Tangled
Rapunzel was always one of my favorite princesses even way before she officially became a DISNEY princess. I always felt I had a lot in common with her so I would absolutely love to cosplay as her if I can ever find a long wig.

9, all of my favorite characters from AKB0048
ok, I swear this is the last one I'll cheat on. Akb0048 quickly became one of my favorite anime. There are so many characters to get attached to that you can't just choose one to cosplay. And I love the idol outfits.

10, Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
I know every Zelda fan hates SS but this game is personally my favorite. SS was my very first console Zelda game. SS Princess Zelda is my favorite. I love her design. If I ever cosplay as one of the Princess Zeldas, I'll pick her.

Honorable mentions
Songstress Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2
Lina Inverse from Slayers
Madoka Magica
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2
Merida from Brave
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