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MEET THE BAND COLDPLAY IN PARIS!  clem-414 0 1855 over a year ago
MEET THE BAND COLDPLAY IN PARIS!  clem-414 0 1393 over a year ago
ONE ticket - May 2nd @ the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles for SALE!!!  hnguyen1990 1 2741 over a year ago
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Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (A CAPELLA)  helfi 0 2201 over a year ago
Chris Martin  coldplayROX 1 1442 over a year ago
Coldplay @ iHeartRadio Music Festival - Sept 23rd - 24th  cuzubis 1 1355 over a year ago
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Coldplay + Japan tragedy  sammi2E 0 1054 over a year ago
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NEW MUSIC VIDEO.  wearepk 0 1182 over a year ago
VOTE FOR COLDPLAY FOR THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!  llamalover565 2 1202 over a year ago
Help War Child Canada Help Haiti  war_child 0 1589 over a year ago
Win 3 x Coldplay albums (Parachutes, A Rush Of Blood, Live 2003)  tokaloka 0 1484 over a year ago
2 Tickets for Coldplay live @ Goffertpark, Nijmegen, Netherlands on 09/09/09  ran5000 0 1520 over a year ago
pictures  rilyn 0 1243 over a year ago
Win free Coldplay tickets to a PRIVATE concert!  lisawrites 2 1073 over a year ago
2 VIP tickets to the Coldplay Concert!  chowdhury6 1 1230 over a year ago
Whatever it takes t-shirt auction  hanban11 0 1997 over a year ago
Vote Coldplay Best Male Vocals  phoenixmusicfan 0 1529 over a year ago
Congrats to Coldplay!  phoenixmusicfan 0 796 over a year ago
Print Signed by Chris Martin  hanban11 0 1102 over a year ago
" Life in Technicolor "  leopardsplots 0 1400 over a year ago
Viva La Vida  raininglove 2 1467 over a year ago
Coldplay Fans  Heed_Jones8373 0 1149 over a year ago
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Coldplays album on  dasani10 0 1828 over a year ago
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