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Friday was no better. Wally was forced to wear purple and/or green. He just put on one of Kacey's old jerseys. There. Viper Pride. Walking to school was the worst. Kuki wouldn't even look at him. Not that he wanted her to. Their fight last night caused everything. Now she was gonna go tell Falken. Perfect, Wally thought.
"Wally Beetles!" Mrs. Wann called. Wally looked up from his desk.
"Huh?" He asked. The class giggled.
"Your project!" Mrs. Wann said. Your Social Studies project!" Wally stopped. PROJECT? He's dead.
"P- p- p- project?!?!?!?!"...
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It was Thursday. 2 days before the dance. Wally had lasted 2 days of recess with Falken. Everything seemed to turn out OK. Kuki sat next to Wally during Thursday's lunch. He decided to talk to her.
"Eh, um, Kuki?" Wally asked. Kuki took a bite of her sandwich, chewed it, and swallowed.
"Yeah, Wally?" Kuki asked. Wally gulped.
"Um, about Falken," Wally began. "I don't really like the guy as much as you." Kuki smiled.
"You don't have to!" Kuki said. "As long as we're still friends!"
"Friends..." Wally said. "Yeah..."
Outside Kuki...
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Everyone gasped.
"You mean he....?" Kuki started
"With the kids....?" Wally quivered
"And the 'SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!' and the 'BAD! BAD! BAD!'?" Kacey shuddered.
Kiki shook her head. "Worse! He....are you ready for this?"
Everyone hesistated, but nodded.
Everyone's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.
"You heard me!":

"He laughed! Not evilly, was more of a HAPPY laugh. We were all shocked.
'You got me! You actually got me! For a bunch of misbehaving 5th graders, you guys are REALLY smart!'
We all hesitated, but laughed along with him. Then the happy 'you got...
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Once again Wally was stuck in class. While the kids were at recess, Mrs. Wann graded the papers. Wally got a -7.
"How would I get a -7?" Wally had asked.
"Because you doodled instead of doing the work." Mrs. Wann had told him.
So, here he was sitting in his desk. Instead of doing the group activity in Writing, he was counting dots on the ceiling. Every 26 dots he would re- count a dot and then think: "Oh! Didn't I count that one already?" and would lose count, and had to start over again.
The last bell of the day rang.
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Wally slouched in his desk. Boooooring. Math had to be the worst class in the 5th grade. Mrs. Wann was his math teacher. And his homeroom teacher. They had Math every day before lunch. That's why Wally looked forward to lunch every day. To get outta Math. Kuki sat next to him. She was having a hard time with the 5 problems they were assigned to do. Wally hadn't even done a single problem. He knew they were just gonna check over the answers anyway. Why bother? Hoagie and Abby had finished awhile ago. Wally decided to doodle. It came close to 11:15. Lunch time. Kacey was lucky. She had lunch...
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Marco was a robot.
It was all just a scam.
"Alright, you freaks, we know it was you! Show yourselves!" Kacey hollered.
No answer.
"Those idiots think they can fool US?" Wally yelled. Kuki watched him. "If I could get my hands on them, I'D RIP 'EM TO BITS!"
"Why, hello, Kids Next Door. So wonderful for you to destroy our android. We worked so hard on it. If only you could understand why we tricked you." 5 familiar voices said.
Kuki hid behind Wally in fear. She hugged him tight thinking it would solve her problems. Megan had gripped onto Kiki. Kacey just stood there with her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R...
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"Yes! It's mine! It's all mine!" Marco exclaimed. He danced around happily. Mariah sighed.
"Sir, they're just kids." Mariah said.
"That's exactly why I extracted the Quantonium!" Marco yelped. "How can we allow a bunch of kids running around the world with Quantonium in their grasp? Exactly!"
Mariah sighed again. The kids looked tired. They just had one of the most powerful substances extracted from their bodies. She opened the chamber.
"You're free to go." Mariah said. "I hope you had a wonderful visit." Kacey was ready to give Mariah the finger. Kiki put her hand down. They left the ship's...
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(from left to right)  Numbuh 5 1/2, Numbuh 8, and Numbuh 4.1
(from left to right) Numbuh 5 1/2, Numbuh 8, and Numbuh 4.1
"You're kidding." Kacey sounded shocked.
Kiki shook her head. "I'm not kidding."
Kuki raised her hand.
"Don't you have to have a teaching degree to be a substitute?"
"Yeah, but from what I heard, the principal just grabbed him of the street because his last name sounded scary enough to force us to behave."
Everyone gave her a strange look.
"Yeah, I don't get it either. ANYWAYS! Back to the story":

"We all froze....except Madison. She fainted. While You-know-who called the nurse, we all huddled.
Laura whispered, 'We must of done something REALLY bad, there's no way HE'D be here as a sub.' We all winced...
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Kiki was lounging around the Sector V treeehouse. School (for her) had gotten out an hour earlier and she had nothing to do (Megan and Maddy were on vacation). She was near the end of her monster movie when she heard the door slam. She jumped and carefully looked over the couch. She then saw a very upset Sector V shuffle in.
"Looks like you guys had a rough day."
"We got stuck with the worst substitue teacher ever!" Kuki whined.
"How bad?"
Wally scoffed, "Mr. Meanermyer-"
Kiki couldn't help but laugh at the name.
He scowled, and she quickly quieted down.
"-wouldn't let us talk, or do homework, or...
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"Ugh! Anymore Ice Cream and I'll explode. You'll have to hose me off the walls." Kacey said. Her wallet was empty. (Except for her Library Card, Knott's Berry Farm Card, I.D. Card etc.) They had eaten tons of Ice Cream. Wally and Kuki had passed out a while ago, Megan and Kiki were on the edge of passing out, and Hoagie and Abby were still going strong. Kacey reached for Toby, but he had laid on his stomach covered in Vanilla Ice Cream. (He couldn't have anything with Chocolate, if you know anything about Dogs)
"Hey, we should... y'know.... go to sleep..." Kiki said rolling onto the floor....
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With the assistance of several pushes and shoves, numbuh 2 got into place. he started to shout obscenities at Mushi and Sandy. With murder in there eyes, they rushed forward. Too bad they didn't see the trick wire stretched across there path.


    They had both of them in hand cuffs before you could say ''Jack-Robinson''. And if you just said that, you've got ''problems''.
''I'm proud of you Kiki.'' Kacey congratulated. ''You didn't seem to mess up at all on this mission!''
''YAY!!!!'' Kiki shrieked. She started to happy dance, but got caught up in King Sandy's cape and tore it. He growled at her.
''EEK!'' She shrieked again, but in a different tone.
That was that, another mission finished by sectors V and Q. Little did they, never mind, I will let you figure it out.
After finding out about Hoagie's shape shifting (He turned into a burger 3 times cuz he was hungry), Megan's invisibility (They couldn't find her for 10 minutes), and Kuki's Super Cuteness (Wally was drooling more than normal), they had decided that the Quantonium had entirely effected them. Also, Toby was floating too. They decided to head to the city.
"Are we there yet?" Wally asked. They had been walking for miles. (Well, Kacey and Toby were flying)
"Negatory." said a very peeved Kiki. All of the talking annoyed her now enlarged brain.
"How about now?" Wally asked.
"No!" Megan shouted. When...
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Kacey was in trouble. Not like "broken a vase" or "cheated on a test" kind of trouble, it was more like "life or living death" trouble. She was able to avoid being transformed last Halloween, but she had a weapon on her at that time. Last time, she only went up against 6 vampires... this time, she was going up against more than 100. She had to think of a distraction. Fast.
"Hey look! Rainbow Monkeys!"
"Nice try. We're not falling for that again!" Kuki cackled, resisting the urge to look.
"Hold her down!" Kiki ordered.
Many vampires tackled her. She was able to kick away a couple, but then ended...
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About 2 hours later, the little band of 4 vampires grew to an amazing 105 (Unknown to everyone else. They had all just "disapeered" into the night). Surprisingly, the rest of Sector V and Q wasn't affected by the epidemic (especially since a few of them haven't exactly been Mr. or Little Miss Goody-Goody). Numbuh 362 gathered the remaining (and very fear-stricken) operatives in the meeting room.
"Fellow KND operatives, as you may have already guessed, there is an epidemic of operatives going missing. Now, do any of you have any idea who could be behind this?"
Numbuh 195 raised his hand. "Father,...
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''NO!!! You cant make me!!!!!'' Kacey shouted.
''Its too horrible to even try!!'' hoagie joined in.
it had been 3 days since the first incident, and so far numbahs 3,4, and 5 had disappeared without a trace! Now, it all lay on what they had found in Mushi's cell. It waas evidence, but it was unspeakable. It was horrifyingly dangerous. It was ...................................................Rainbow Monkey Super Happy Fun Time Party Palace.
Numbuh 7 shuddered.
''Come on! Don't you want to save your cousin?'' Pleaded Kiki.
''Well.............''Kacey sighed uncertainly. ''OK, but I you tell anyone...
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