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It was awkward silence while they were waiting for Megan. Then, that was broken when Hoagie said:
"I just farted."
Everyone scooched over. Then, Megan came back downstairs.
"I DID IT!" She yelled.
"Awesome, now just wait for it....." Kacey said. They waited for about 30 seconds. Then, there was a scream from Kuki.
"WALLY!? WALLY?!" She yelled.
"Well, that takes care of that." Kiki said.
"WAIT A SECOND!" Kacey yelled.
"What?" Everyone asked.
"We've got to practice for Sing-A-Song!" Kacey said. She grabbed Kiki's hand and rushed upstairs to her room. Megan went back to Sector Q to practice with...
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Wally grabbed his side and whimpered. Whatever this pain was, it did NOT feel good. He went downstairs, only to see his cousin and her best friend (best GIRL actually. Her best friend is a guy) fight.
"And how do you know? Have you ever HEARD one?" Kiki asked. Kacey facepalmed, and she plopped on the couch. She decided to text Raleigh, her 4th best friend.
"Guys?" Wally asked. "My side really hurts."
"Then go to the bathroom!" Kiki yelled. Wally snarled.
"My OTHER side." He said.
"Hm?" Kacey asked. She poked her head up. "How bad?"
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Kiki plopped down onto the couch. This was one of the WORST almost-the-rest-of-the-weeks ever. Sectors V and Q (99% of it being Wally) had caused nothin' but trouble:
-Breaking things
-Ticking off the wrong people
-Causing food fights (although, THAT was pretty fun)
And more recently, Wally had ticked off one of the "important" seniors and was challenged to a fight come 2:00 tommorow (Yeah...the senior's an idiot. Come to think of it, most of them are...)
"You've done it now, Wally!" Kuki chuckled mischeviously.
He shot her a look. Kiki lifted her head up from the pillows
"He deserves it." she said...
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Numbuh 86 groaned. There was too much work to be done. She shoved her picture of Wally to the side. She stared at it for a second. The second became a minute. She had had a crush on Wally for as long as he’s joined the KND. Numbuh 86 had an idea. She rushed through the file cabinet. She grabbed the one with the ‘Sing-A-Song’ winners of 2010. She read off the first few. Sector F, Sector T, Sector W, Sector H. Sector W? Numbuh 86 almost sprang from her seat. Then, she read more. Sector Q, Sector L, Sector V. Numbuh 86 screamed. She looked around. It was 2:00 in the morning. Of course no...
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"Oh! I want the pepperoni pizza and- no no wait!"
"I want the cheesburger! No..."
"The taco, maybe? I don't know, Kuki, what do you think?"
Everyone behind Val, Maddy, and Wally let out a huge groan and cursed under their breath.
Kiki sat at her usual table. Thankfully, no one caused a ton of trouble last period. Why? Except for Abby, no one understood what her French teacher was saying. Jennifer (y'know, the one mentioned in the first chapter?) sat in her usual seat.
"Looks like you've had a rough day." she observed.
Kiki slammed her juice onto the table.
"DON'T get me started." she snarled. Kacey...
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"Val! Sweetie!" FangFace yelled. He scared the guards and hugged Val.
"Dad, save it for the house." Val said. The Count let go of his daughter.
"So! Sweetie, what was the problem?" Snaggletooth asked.
"VHY? YOU GUYS ARE SIX AND SEVEN!" The Count screamed.
"THAT'S WHAT I SAID!" Val yelled.
"Could we get this love fest over? I kinda wanna go shopping for a new skateboard." Kacey said. Wally nodded.
"Fine, I'll get to the spanking, the crying, and the complaining as soon as I have a talk with the boy." The Count said....
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Kiki sat in her usual study hall seat and put her head down. Last period did NOT go well:

While Mrs. C, the science teacher, was instructing the class how to get their specimens onto their slides, Wally- being the major putz he is- kept making the 10th graders (it's a mixed class) screw up. Just then, the phone rang. Mrs. C. then said she had to run down to the office for 5 minutes. Things then turned to heck in a handbasket. The millisecond the teacher left, one of the 10th graders grabbed Wally by his leg and held him upside down. One of the 9th graders reached into the fish tank and pulled...
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Kuki broke the boys apart before the manager of the Movie theatre would. Kiki hushed and everyone in the back row watched quietly.
"What do you want, Sand Face?" Wally asked.
"Well, I'm here to reclaim Kuki as my wife." Sandy said. He lifted his eyebrow and smiled at Kuki.
"Reclaim me all you want, but I'll NEVER marry YOU!" Kuki screamed. Kiki squealed like a fangirl again and Kacey hushed her.
"Shh! I wanna watch." Kacey said. She pulled a Gatorade out of her pocket and watched.
"After what your sister did to me...." Sandy began. "SHE BROKE MY HEART!" Sandy pointed at Wally. "For him."...
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"Well, at least I got one." Thought Count Spankulot as he tied Kacey to a chair.
Kacey mumbled somthing behind her gag.
"What?" Count Spankulot asked, confused.
Kacey mumbled it again, with some vicous kicking of her legs.
"Oh for petes sake....." he exclaimed as he tore off the gag.
Kacey drew up a deep breath that burned her oxygen deprived lungs burn.
"'t..get...away..with..this" Kacey gasped out.
She had put up a heck of a fight. She had gotton a few good hits in, and a VERY good kick to the croch that had made him double over. But with her luck, she had tripped, and he had teleported....
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Kacey packed up her suitcases and headed for the hangar. When she was almost about to enter the S.C.A.M.P.E.R., something grabbed her leg. A very upset little vampire.
"But why can't WE go with you?!" Val whined as she clutched Kacey's leg tighter.
"I have middle school power!" she sassed back.
"Oh, yeah. That's right." Wally mumbled.
Val stuck out her bottom lip and tears began to form.
"Nope. Not falling for that crap." Kacey said while she turned her head the other way.
She cried louder.
Kacey covered her ears.
Val scowled.
"I'll tell Daddy if you...
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"Man, I didn't know they even made newspapers anymore!" Wally yelled. He looked around. "Thank God no one heard that." Wally looked more into the newspaper for the day's date. There it was; the movie list. Wally looked harder into it. There were three PG movies. They were: 1) Rainbow Monkeys-The Return of Origami Loved One 2) Yipper! 3D 3) The Beach of Romance.
"Hey Wally." Kacey said. She walked in the room with a gallon of soda.
Wally was startled and put the newspaper down. "Hi."
"Why do you have a newspaper?" She asked.
"Because............... the cable's out." Wally lied. Kacey picked...
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posted by kndluva
Hey 'yall! Numbuh 1000 here, just wanted to ask you guys a question As you all/some/none know, my Operation: W.O.O.D.S. only has one more chapter. Some of you don't give a spit, and some of you are crying into your pillows late at night. Any who, now the question. What in the name of Yipper am I gonna put in my next fanfiction?!? Well, Luckilly/Unluckilly school is, well, boring. I came up with a buhmillion new ideas throughout the day. But, *gasp!* which one?!? Im just gonna put the summary of the stories below. I am putting up a Pick later so you can vote. Just vote for the number beside...
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Kacey was the first to come to. Everyone else was still sleeping. She was gonna smack Wally upside his head to wake him up, but she realized her hands were tied tightly with a scrunchie. She smiled wickedly and kicked Wally's shin, which set off a chain of events:
-Wally let out a shrill yelp and his foot jerked back and hit Kuki's arm.
-Kuki then tried to bit Wally's leg, but ended up getting Hoagie's instead.
-Hoagie let out a shriek right into Megan's ear.
-Megan tried to kick Hoagie, but got Maddy instead.
-Maddy tried to kick her sister, but ended up geting Minerva.
-Minerva tried to bite...
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“Coffee, coffee, where’s the coffee?” Wally looked through everything. “If I was the coffee, where would I be?” Then, Kuki’s scream filled the air. It startled Wally and he fell onto the table. Some plates were moved and the coffee maker was now visible. Wally forgot about the coffee and took off for the throne room.
“WHERE IS SHE? WHERE IS THE DESENDANT OF SOSUKE?” The Happy Man looked under carpets and even under Kacey. Kuki hid behind Hades throne, and Hades acted like nothing was happening. Wally entered the room running, and he ran into the wall. When he got up, he went...
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"Madame X" paced the floor of the rotting old mansion. Things HAVE NOT gone as planned.
1. Plant a flyer.
2. Have KND find it.
3. They come.
4. Capture them, make them tell all codes, passwords, locations, and secrets of all the tree-houses.
5. Buy milk.

Only numbers 1+2 had worked out. Note to self: pick a kid-napping place where the kids DON'T GET LOST!!!!!!!! The homing beacon "she" had planted on the flyer started to flicker strangely. It seemed somthing near it was...... running in circles?


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“I heard that at one point in his life, Hades gathered everyone from St. Louis and gathered them up in one room, and no one was spared. Not even the CHILDREN.” Kacey said. She flipped through the pages of her Greek Mythology Book. Kuki screamed loudly and jumped behind Wally.
“Smooth.” Megan said.
“You’re not one to talk.” Kacey said. “You made Hoagie run to the bathroom crying because you rejected him for the eleventy bamillionth time.” Megan shrugged.
“He deserved it.”
Then, a loud bark made them all jump.
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Abby did a facepalm. Kacey and Wally were playing "Rapid Racers" (since, unfortunatly, all of the games there are either rated "EC" or "E" and there was no way in H-E-double Pocky sticks they were playing "Rainbow Monkey's Perfect-est Picnic Ever") and were at each others throats. Kacey was in 2nd place and it was the last lap of the race. Wally was gloating about being in 1st place. Kacey got a wicked smile on her face and pressed the "B" button, causing her to speed ahead of Wally and come in 1st place. She jumped on top her chair.
"YES! YES! YES! YES! YOU LOSE!" she did a little dance....until...
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"Kiki! Don't do it! This is madness!"
She stood on the diving board and rose an eyebrow.
"Madness? THIS! IS!....CANNON-BALL!" Kiki jumped as high as she could and landed into the 5 ft. deep ball pit. A huge amount of colorful plastic balls went flying. Flying plastic balls usually equals whiny kids who were in the vicinity of the splash....this time, however, there were NO kids in the pit.
"I wonder why there's no one except us in the pit." Kuki pondered.
Kiki smirked, "I'll just say this now, cus I know what you're thinking: All the kids under 5 and who aren't potty-trained are in their own...
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