Codename: Kids Next Door Numhuh 3

annedew52887 posted on Jun 29, 2010 at 12:40AM
she loves when she sees Fireworks in the sky at the knd treehouse and at her house with her family.

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over a year ago ilovesushi101 said…
Im sorry to say Numbuh 3 fans, but i personally cannot stand her. shes just too girly for me and all cheery, its kinda creepy. (no hate comments please :D)
over a year ago wishey said…
^ you posted a hate comment though. It's exactly what you did. Even though it's like 2 years ago. I seriously have a problem with people hating on Kuki for any reason at all. Just don't do that. So what she likes party's and coloring and stuffed animals. She's allowed to have her interests. And she completely imbraces these, and is not ashamed of anything and she shouldn't be. She's really the only "girly" character I've seen who is not made into some weak love interest. Kuki's an important member of her team, she's the medical person, the divisionary tactician, and the hamster caretaker. She can also fight, she gets mad, she solves her issues with violence, and her "girly" knowledge is useful for finding out about dates and knowing about rainbow monkeys which basically the whole world loves. And so what if she's cheerful. She's saving the world, while being kind and happy and having fun. She shouldn't have to give that up. Kuki's great ok.