Codename: Kids Next Door What Would Happen If You Were A Knd With Superpowers

crash14 posted on Feb 20, 2012 at 07:26PM
Name your operative and their superpower

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over a year ago crash14 said…
Numbuh 4 with lightning spinning super strength
over a year ago ilovesushi101 said…
big smile
Numbuh 5 with the ability to turn invisible and walk through walls!
over a year ago Numbuh161 said…
I already am a chosen one in real life, My power is to shapeshift....... Don't ask. it's a long story. Long enough for a novel saga, BOYAH! Yes, i'm writing 5 book series. Anyway, I'm Numbuh 100,000,000 infinity, Leader of sector R and- NO, ANTHONY DON'T TOUCH THAT- End Transmission.
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