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Numbuh22 posted on Jan 08, 2012 at 06:51AM
1. They never explained how numbuh 1 became bald. it's connected to why numbuh 5 doesn't want to be the leader of sector V again and to a machine the DCFDTL created. U guys know an episode where it's explained? or have knowledge of the truth?

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over a year ago taismo723 said…
There isn't an episode, but I pretty much know the story. Numbuh 5 was leader of Sector V when Numbuh 1 joined. They were on a mission against the DCFDTL, and Numbuh 5 couldn't prevent them using a hair removal thing on Numbuh 1, and now she can never be leader again.

over a year ago Numbuh22 said…
big smile
lol just because of that? she seems to be over reacting then xD
over a year ago ilovesushi101 said…
I heard part of the explanation in Operation FOUNTAIN