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Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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"We are NOT gonna die! Moon Base must be having their own attack."
"Yeah, but our normal villains aren't SERIAL KILLERS!"
The argument went on for about 10 minutes.
"LISTEN UP!" Kacey yelled. "I learned about this guy. He's just a clown who killed himself 20 years ago. Legend says: He can take the form of a mortal to easily kill his victims. But why does he want to kill people? He wants to get revenge on the family who hired him in the first place."
"Well, then why is he after US?" Megan asked.
"Maybe one of us is related to the family somehow." Hoagie said.
"Or two of us." Kiki said. Kacey got wide-eyed.
"ME AND WALLY ARE NOT RELATED TO A RING MASTER!" She hollered. Kiki put her hands above her head as a way to protect herself.
"My uncle is a ring master." Kuki said. Every shot her looks.
"Name?" Wally asked still a bit scared.
"Sosuke Sato." Kuki said. Kacey pulled her laptop over and typed his name. Sure enough, Wikipedia brought up his page. I said all kinds of stuff from his traveling circus, Circus-san!
Fan fiction by suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
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Numbah12:It was a dark and stormy night until the flashlight moved because someone dropped it!mua haa ha ha!
Numbah14:Don't tell me you believe this dumb story thats not even true!
Numbah10:Omg guys I dropped my flashlight and I can't find it!
Numbah12:told ya!
Numbah10:Why do you keep trying to scare Wushi!?!
Numbah12:Hey it's not my fault!
Numbah10:Whatever just make yourself useful and help me find my flashlight!
Numbah12:hmmph!...is this it?
*boom boom boom boom!*
Numbah10:Whats that noise!
Numbah12:I don't know!
Numbah10:It's getting closer!
Numbah's 12 and 10:aaaaaaaa!
Numbah11:Guys it's me!
Numbah12:Oh..hehe anyways any luck with the power outage?
Numbah11:Well you and 10 are in 2x4 so one of you should do it!
Numbah10:Im not going down there!
Numbah12:Why not afraid of the...(turns on flashlight in front of his face)dark!
Opinion by kndluva posted over a year ago
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It looks weird, so look at the comments

"O.K. , so far, we've come across 3 teenagers, 6 pirates, and one rather grumpy wolvereine...... " Kuki read off a list she'd drawn up.
"We're running kinda low on G.U.M.B.O.M.B.'s. " Megan stated while peering into her basket.
How low? Kacey asked.
Only nine left. Megan answered.
They divied out the weapons, one for each person.
As numbuh 2 slid the G.U.M.B.O.M.B. into his pocket, he noticed somthing strange.
Um, guys? he asked as he looked around. Does anyone know where we are?
Everyone stopped short. The woods some how became more dark, desolate, and freaky. The mysterious full-moon offered no help.


At sector SV, things were slooooooooooooooooow. Some weird teenager had pulled off some serious prankage, so trick-or-treating - cancled. Sticky-Beard and Mr. Fizz had been cracking down pretty hard, so all the Halloween parties were on the suckish side, beeing soda and candy-less. All was left was the Halloween specials on T.V. . None of the good ones, though. Had to keep it PG rated.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Maddy tugged on her sister's sleeve.
"I wanna go to the kiddie cafe!" she whined.
Val tugged on Kiki's sleeve.
"I wanna go to the playplace!"
Wally tugged on Kacey's sleeve.
"I wanna get out of here!"
Everyone gave him a strange look.
"We just got here!" Kuki said.
"Now you wanna leave? Jeez, how many bowls of 'Crazy Flakes' did YOU have this morning?" Kacey asked.
"Only 2. I'm just getting an uneasy feeling about this place. I have a feeling somethin'- I don't know WHAT, but somethin'- is gonna happen."
"Maybe you're having an anxiety attack." Kiki added.
Val continued to tug on Kiki's sleeve.
"Come OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOn!" she whined.
"Well, looks like I'm goin' to the playplace. Are you guys coming?"
"I'm heading to the kiddie cafe." Megan called out about 5 feet away, since she was being dragged by her sister.
"I'll go with you!" Hoagie purred. Megan rolled her eyes.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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"I hate television." Kuki said. She had just watched the season finale of 'Rainbow Monkeys Adventure' and they just killed off one of her favorite characters.
"Wow, this show just wants to get like 'Lost'." Kacey said. Kiki nodded. 'Lost' was a strange show that killed off a ton of characters, had weird flash forwards, flash backs, and flash sideways', and made no sense. Yet, it was really popular. Kuki just began to bawl.
"C'mon Kuki." Wally said. "It's not that bad."
"He's right," Megan began. "It's a fictional character." And just like that, the alarm went off.
"MAN, I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GO GET A NEW SKATEBOARD!" Kacey yelled. She was grabbed by her collar and dragged out the door. Everyone was dragged.
"LISTEN UP!" Numbuh 86 yelled. "About 50 clowns recently moved to Phoenix. Since clowns are supposed to be fun to kids, we have to be careful." Wally blacked out after 'clowns' was said. He tried to scoot away from Numbuh 86 but Kacey grabbed him by his shirt collar. She gave him the 'Know way you're getting out of this one' look. He sighed. Might as well text David. (Yes, David is Wally's friend too) David said he was busy.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"Guys, stop! This is madness!" Wally cried.
Kiki raised an eyebrow. "Madness?"
Kacey yelled at the top of her lungs:
"THIS!!! IS!!! CAKE TIME!!!".
She took a knife and cut into the 9-layer cake that everyone helped bake for Abby's birthday. Each layer was a different flavor (which made it even MORE special....and weird-tasting considering the flavors that everyone else picked). Before Abby could take a bite, Maddy stuck a candle into her piece. Kiki lit it.
"Make a wish!" they both chirped.
She thought for a minute. Then smiled and took a deep breath and blew out the candle.
"What's you wish for?" Hoagie asked, all impatient.
"You're not supposed to ask, numbnuts!" Kuki sassed. "If you do, it won't come true!"
"It's not that big of a deal, Kuki. It's nothing spectacular like a Rainbow Unicorn that can shoot mashed potatoes and cupcakes from it's horn.
"Dang it!" Kiki stomped her foot.
"That would've been EPIC.....Well, what DO you wanna do?" Kacey asked. Abby sighed.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"KI-KI! KI-KI! KI-KI! KI-KI! KI-KI! KI-KI! KI-KI!" the crowd cheered wildly.
Wally smiled and took a deep breath:
"Coming into the ring is a girl you do NOT wanna tick off! She is known as 'Numbuh 8', the 'Master of Disaster', 'Little Big Girl', 'Countess Prank-U-Lot'....."
Kavey gave her teammate a weird look.
"Seriously? 'Countess Prank-U-Lot'?"
Kiki shrugged, "It sounded cool."
"Put your hands together for: Kikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <gasp, gasp gasp> Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!"
The crowd went ballistic (in a good way). Kiki took the oppurtunity to preen: She waved at the crowd, did a little dance, and even spat on a picture of Ol' FangFace.
Then there was a deafening thunderclap. Everyone covered their ears.
Wally gulped. "A-a-a-a-nd now, coming to the ring, a-man-who-REALLY-doesn't-need-an- introduction-but-is-making-me-do-it-by-force....he's known as the 'Sultan of Sting' and other various nicknames...Olllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' <gasp gasp>...
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Kiki before the fight
Megan knocked on the door of the wait room. Kiki had locked them all out.
"Kiki...? Can you open the door? Please?".
"GO AWAY!!!!" she bawled.
Megan threw her hands up in the air. "I give up. Wally, you try getting through to her."
Kiki cried even louder.
Kacey smacked her cousin upside his head.
"Nice work, Mr. Sympathetic." she said sarcastically.
Abby sighed. "What are we gonna do? She's gotta fight in 10 minutes."
"Guess we're gonna have to forefit." Hoagie said, still clutching his stomach and holding back tears. Kuki began crying along with Kiki.
Kacey snapped her fingers. "I got it! Where are the younger ones?"
"Over at the concession stand, I think." Megan answered, "Why?"
Kacey just smiled.
Kiki continued to bawl in the wait room. Suddenly, there was a cloud of purple smoke. She continued to cry even louder. Then she heard a familiar voice:
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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“NO!” Numbuh 86 yelled. The KND were back at the tree house, devising a plan. Numbuh 86 was mad at herself.
“Uh, guys?” Megan asked running into the room.
“What?” Kacey asked. She was pointing at a map of Phoenix.
“I think Kuki stowed away on the truck.” Megan asked.
About 3,000 “WHAT!?”s filled the room. Yup. That many operatives were attending the dance.
“You heard me.” Megan said. Everyone nearly ran her over as they dashed for their ships. Kacey, Abby, Hoagie, Kiki, and Megan took the Sector V S.C.A.M.P.E.R.
“Kiki, you’re taking Kuki’s position. And Megan, you’ve got Wally’s.” Kacey ordered. Megan began to whine when Kacey tossed her the map.
“Um…. Left!” Megan yelled to Hoagie.
And boy, was this part boring.
So let’s just skip to the part where they reach the laboratory.
“This boy smells like a dog!” A scientist yelled.
“You, idiot! He is a dog!” A second said.
“For the last time, I. AM. NOT. A. DOG!!!!!!” Wally yelled. He struggled. He was locked down on a table. Kuki was hiding underneath the table.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Wally and Kiki walked into the wait room. Kiki had about 6 Rainbow Monkeys in hand. She handed one to Wally as a "Thanks-for-helping" gift. He gagged. She smacked him upside his head, causing her Rainbow Monkeys to fall to the floor. She sighed and bent over to pick them all up.
"There you are!" Kacey called from down the hall. She was wearing a purple KND wrestling jersey and a pair of blue shorts. "Where were you?"
"At that Rainbow Monkey place down the hill."
"AND YOU DIDN'T INVITE ME?!" Kuki roared, all upset. She crossed her arms and pouted. Kiki handed her a "Super Sugar High" monkey. She snatched it at lightning speed, and hugged it.
"Do you know where the concession stand is?" Kiki asked.
Wally gave her a look. "You just had a kajillion things of Code Red Mountain Dew and pizza! How can you still be hungry?!"
"I'm a teenager! I'm growing!" Kiki shot back.
"STILL?! You're almost 6 feet tall! How-"
Kacey smacked her cousin upside his head before he could finish.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Wally's changing process (I did not draw this pic)
Everyone’s jobs were done. The decorations were up. The food was laid out. The music was picked. The party favors were hidden. Everything looked great. Except for one thing. The guests hadn’t arrived.
“Oh come on!” Kiki yelled. She stomped on the floor. She, Megan, and Kacey didn’t have dates. They were going as a group. Yet, Kiki was mad. No guests meant no ice cream.
“Hmm… maybe they’re late?” Megan asked.
“If they were late, SOME kids would’ve shown up.” Kacey said. She checked her watch. 20 minutes later, every guest showed up.
“UM?” Abby asked.
“We stopped at that new restaurant.” Numbuh 362 said. Hoagie dashed out of the room. Everyone just partied. There was lots of dancing, eating, and hunting for party favors. Then, there was a slow dance. Kacey went over by the mini sandwiches that Numbuh 4 picked out. They were S-O G-double O-D GOOD! Wally rubbed the back of his neck.
“Care to dance?” He asked Kuki. Kuki nodded. Her blue dress was truly beautiful. Wally had put on a green tux. He had only worn it once. It was from a wedding last year. It still fit. So, as I was saying, Wally and Kuki went over...
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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“And I’m not sure if she does or not.” Wally finished telling Alyssa something. Alyssa rubbed her chin.
“And you haven’t told her yet?” Alyssa asked. Wally shook his head. Alyssa smiled. “Then tell her.”
“NO! I just don’t like being a were-wolf.” Wally said.
“Well, who is the closest person to you?” Alyssa asked. Wally thought for a minute.
“Probably my cousin, Kacey.” Wally said.
“Then tell her.” Alyssa said.
“Why?” Wally asked. Alyssa touched his face with her hand.
“It’ll help a lot.” Alyssa said. Wally turned his head away.
“But what if she-?” When Wally turned his head back the other way, Alyssa was gone. Wally shoved his hands in his pockets. Then, he trudged off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wally decided to tell Kacey at 3:00 in the morning. He quietly tip-toed down the hall. When he reached Kacey’s room, there was a small light underneath the blanket.
“Kacey, are you awake?” Wally asked.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"Come OOOOOOOOOOON!" whined an 11-year-old from somewhere in the really big crowd surrounding the Dance Dance Rainbow-lution machine. Kiki had been on the machine for at least an hour and a half dancing. Some songs she did horribly on, and others, she passed with flying colors. When he song ended, she had Wally hand her her drink. Everyone leaned in, awaiting to see if she was done. Kiki handed her drink back to Wally, and put in another token. Everyone groaned.
Wally looked over at the kid, "You know, I know someone who can smack some sense into you if you don't SHUT THE CRUD UP!"
The kid stuck his tounge out. "No, you don't, you big liar!"
"Yes, he does!" Kiki called from the machine. "I know him, too. AND his daughter! They could both do a number on you."
She continued dancing and showed the kid her upper arm with a REALLY pink mark on it.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Kuki stood at the front of the line. They were at Dairy Queen. Everyone in the line was either groaning, or cussing under their breath.
"OH! How about the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity!" Kuki said. She nodded at that and paid the cashier. Wally was already at their table, half asleep.
"Oh, hi Kuki." Wally said. He shoved some of his ice cream into his mouth. Then, Kacey pushed the door to Dairy Queen open. Seeing Kuki and Wally, she flipped out.
"KUKI!" Kacey screamed. Kuki was startled, and jumped back, landing on top of Wally.
"Calm down, at least she got him to talk." Abby said. Kacey pulled a powdered donut out of her pocket and munched on it. Kiki drooled at the sight of ice cream and dreamily walked toward the counter. Following close behind her, Hoagie.
"Kuki, there's, uh, something I gotta tell ya." Wally said. He rubbed the back of his neck. He wondered if Kuki would not make a huge deal out of him being a were-wolf.
"Yeah Wally?" Kuki took a big spoonful of ice cream. Wally gulped.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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“And that is why we never cross the freeway with our skateboards.” Numbuh 362 said. Everyone began to talk.
“SHUT UP!” Numbuh 86 yelled for the 10th time. Everyone was quiet.
“Alright, I have some great news for you guys!” Numbuh 362 said. “I’ve finally chosen the Sector Host for this year’s Kids Next Door Dance!” Everyone was mumbling again.
“If you all don’t stop talking, I’ll rip ya to shreds!” Numbuh 86 yelled. Again, everyone went quiet.
“And this year’s host is……..” 362 loved it when there was suspense. “SECTOR V!” At that moment, Kacey passed out. Kuki and Abby helped her up.
“Did Rachel just say US?” Kacey asked. Kuki nodded.
“That wraps up today’s meeting. The dance is in one month!” Rachel finished and left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“OK, I’ve assigned you each a job.” Kacey said. “Kuki, you’re in charge of decorations. Abby, you’ll pick the music that’ll play. Hoagie, you’ve got the party favors. And Wally has food.”
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Kiki's eyes grew to the size of a Rainbow Monkey's belly.
"It's......beautful." she whispered. Both kids were standing and gazing at the splendor of the "Rainbow Monkey Fun-And-Run Party and Playtime Palace". Wally rolled his eyes.
"Remember, we're here to train." he told her.
"I know that, It's not like I'm gonna- HOLY CRAP, IT'S 'PRINCE OF PLAYTIME' RAINBOW MONKEY!!!!" she ran over and gave it a big hug. Wally did a facepalm.
After playing a game of "Whack-A-Meanie-Mole-Rainbow-Monkey" and "Squee-ball" Wally picked the next game that could technically qualify as "training": "Dance Dance Rainbow-lution".
"Keep your eyes on the screen!" he ordered
"I'm trying! I'm trying! You HAD to pick the hardest song on the list, didn't you?" Kiki whined.
An announcment came on overhead.
"CRAP! Our pizza's ready!"
"Tag out! Tag out!"
Hoagie was as happy as a clam. He loved contests. And he LOVED eating. The desicion to put him in a pie-eating contest was a really smart one.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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"Wally, Kiki might be in trouble. You need to go find her." Kacey ordered
He whined, "Megan, can't YOU find her?"
"No can do, dude. I've got my game of 'Extreme Tag' against the Common Cold." she shuddered.
He turned to Kuki.
She crossed her arms. "No! I don't wanna!"
He groaned loudly. Kacey smacked his arm. He squeaked.
"Just go."
Wally sighed. It couldn't be TOO hard to find her. After all, she IS almost 6 feet tall.
"KIKI!!!!" he yelled again.
"You don't have to yell!" said a voice at the bottom of the hill. It was Kiki.
Wally ran down.
"What are you doing out here?"
"Hiding. I don't wanna box Ol' Snaggletooth come 8PM."
Wally was kind of shocked. Kiki was usually PSYCHED whenever she got to go into the ring and fight someone.
"Why not?" he said after a minute of silence.
"Well......I'm....I'm afraid to lose."
Opinion by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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"Do we have to go hunting?" Kuki asked. She was being dragged along with the rest of Sector V while out hunting. (It was Wally's idea)
"Oh, come on, Kuki!" Wally yelled. "Hunting ducks and deer is always a pleasure!"
"How can killing animals be a pleasure?" Kuki asked.
"It's hard to explain but it's FUN!" Wally argued.
"WILL Y'ALL SHUT UP?" Abby hollered. "Numbuh 5 is trying to concentrate on this Rain Forest music to distract her from the sound of animals!"Kuki and Wally just argued with her. Kacey couldn't take it anymore.
"ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled. Everyone was quiet. "If you stop arguing for 10 minutes I'll buy you all Dairy Queen!" Everyone's faces lit up and they hushed. About half way through the hunt, they had collected 14 ducks, and three deer. Wally was happy with what they had accomplished.
"Next time, let's get four deer!" He yelled. No one said a thing. Actually, they were all focusing on what was behind Wally. "What? Too shabby?" Wally asked. Hoagie pointed behind Wally. Wally whipped around and gasped. Standing there was a wolf the size of a bear. The bear-wolf leaped at Wally. Wally jumped out of the way. But not...
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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7. 7 AM. What sick monster schedules a major event THAT early on a Saturday?
Sectors V and slogged out of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. (with Val, Maddy, Minerva, and Wally pulling a wagon with a half-asleep Kiki in it).
"Why can't we be in this olympics thingy?" Maddy asked.
"You guys are a little too young to do it. Numbuh 362 says so." Abby answered.
Kacey yawned and looked at the map.
"Let's see....the cafeteria is on the 3rd floor. Come on guys, let's get breakfast."
Kiki, Kacey, and Megan looked at the strange green and purple substance that was on their trays.
"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! Why do I have to eat this....how to put it...oh yeah...YUCKY stuff?" Megan whined.
"I'd rather stick to my Rainbow Munchies and Code Red Mountain Dew diet." Kiki added.
Abby rolled her eyes. "Tough. Now, just eat your...whatever that is. We need to have enough energy to beat these guys to a pulp."
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Wally blinked. He looked around.
“Get up; Kuki’s been calling you for an hour.” It was Kacey.
“It was all a dream?!” Wally yelled.
“What was?” Kacey asked. She looked down at the Rainbow Monkey on the floor and snickered.
“Well, me and Kuki started dating and-“ Wally didn’t even finish his first sentence.
“You? And Kuki?” Kacey asked. She was laughing hysterically.
“Hey, you and David were pretending to date to get rid of Tommy!” Wally said.
“We already did that. Last year. Remember?” Kacey said. Wally was confused.
“Well, I DON’T CARE!” Wally yelled back.
“Would ya quit complaining?” Kacey said. “Now get your butt down here! Kuki’s been calling you!” Wally got up from the bed and took off his shirt. He replaced it with a shirt that said Arizona on it and was surrounded with Cacti.
“You’re not gonna change your jeans?” Kacey pointed to the jeans Wally was wearing. They were covered in mustard.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Kacey impatiently paced the floor as she proccessed the message Numbuh 362 had just sent.
How the heck was she gonna explain this to her teammates and Sector Q?
"KACEY!!!!!!!!!!" Kuki shrieked as she ran into the room.
Kacey stuffed the mission specs behind her back.
"What's the problem now?" she asked.
"I need it for my science project!" he shouted from out of the room. "I wanna see what Rainbow Monkeys do in zero gravity!"
"Wally, do your project with one of your action figures." Kacey sighed. "Now listen, Igotta tell you guys that-"
Just then, Kiki and Hoagie came into the room.
"You took my 'Sleepy Saturday' monkey without asking....consider this as my way of getting you back!" she cackled evilly.
"Kiki, give it back. Now guys, I gotta tell you-"
Just then, Megan came running into the room.
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Kiki reached for Val and Kuki reached for Mushi. Val was struggling in Kiki’s arms.
“Lemme at her!” Val yelled. “LEMME AT HER!!!!!!” Mushi stuck out her tongue, teasingly.
“KUKI!” Mushi yelled. “You’re the worst big sister EVER!” Mushi was bawling again. “Just forget about our plan, Tommy! Lemme go, Kuki! I HATE YOU!” Mushi wriggled out of Kuki’s grasp. Everyone was watching with low jaws. Mushi threw her half of a BFF Necklace on the floor and ran out of the door.
“MUSHI!” Kuki called. “MUSHI! MUSHI, COME BACK!” Kuki chased after Mushi. But Mushi was no where to be found.
“Mushi….” Kuki said sadly. Everyone followed Kuki. Kuki walked over to the curb and sat on it. Wally sat next to her.
“It’s my entire fault!” Kuki said. “If I had told her earlier she wouldn’t be acting this way.” Wally sighed.
“And I know that this partly my fault.” Wally said.
“Well, the only thing we can do is find her.” Kacey said. Val crossed her arms.
“No way am I helping find Mushi!” She yelled. Kuki was on the edge of tears. Val sighed.
Opinion by amy23000 posted over a year ago
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"were you listening? i mean common man! dude you suck for this!!!" kuki was still REALLY mad at numbuh 2 for not wanting to prank people just because she was there "just shut up already! you yelled at me through the whole night I'm not even exaggerating!!! it's now 7 o' clock time for school!!!" numbuh 2 had been never to patient but he really try's when it came to numbuh 3 just so he wouldn't get his but kicked by his buddy he knew that he would do any thing for her even if it meant killing him "guys it's time to go grab your back packs and home work and lets leave!!!!!" numbuh 5 had heard enough of this at the breakfast table and just from listening to it for just a minute or two she got really angry at both of them no matter who's fault it is "but-" kuki tried to say "nu-uh! just go up to the bus stop!" numbuh 5 was getting really mad no body could ever see it except numbuh 1 and well he's gone now...
*SNAP* just as the teacher sat inside his chair the room broke out laughing and the teacher was one second away from crying kuki just put her feet on her desk put her hands behind her head and leaned back in her chair thinking' man this class is gonna be...
Fan fiction by taismo723 posted over a year ago
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Up in the control room, Kacey was fixing the cameras that were set up in Kuki’s room. That’s where Mushi and Tommy were.
“By the way,” Kuki said. “Why are there cameras set up in my room?”
“Oh, Wally had me install them a few years ago.” Kacey said. Kuki shot Wally a look. Then, smacked him across the face. Then, she hugged him.
Abby stomped into the room.
“Numbuh 5 can’t get any sleep with all this crying!” Abby yelled.
“SHH!” Everyone in the room said. Then, Kuki was on the phone.
“Kiki! Call Megan and get over here!” Then, Kuki shut the phone before Kiki could respond.
“Guys! They’re talking!” Kacey said. Everyone went quiet to listen.
“Hey, Mushi.” Tommy said. “I saw what happened with you and Wally.” Mushi was still bawling.
“H- h- hi Tommy.” Mushi said. “I saw what happened with you and Kacey.”
“Who knew she had a boyfriend?” Tommy said. Mushi just shrugged.
“Why don’t we get them back?” Mushi asked. She had a devious tone.
Fan fiction by kndkid96 posted over a year ago
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Kacey and Kiki panicked as all of the little ones bawled. They tried everything; funny faces, begging, and even crying WITH them. Kacey snapped her fingers as the other 5 wailed. She reached into Joey's bag and pulled out a handful of binkies. She stuck one in every mouth, including Kiki's. Everyone immediatly calmed down.
Kiki took the binky out of her mouth.
"You DO know that's this is only a temporary fix, right?" she asked.
"Duh. Now, if memory serves me correctly, we've got exactly 3 minutes til Joey pulls it out of his mouth and tosses it at the nearest person. Quick, go grab some flashlights and a couple of candles."
"Are we gonna tell scary stories now?" Val asked all excited.
Kacey rolled her eyes as she set up another candle.
"No. We-"
Val collapsed to the floor and threw a tantrum.
Kacey pulled out the weird looking whistle again. She immediatly shut up.