“And the ghost whispered in her ear. He said: “Your soul belongs to me, and it always will be.” Kacey said. It was a cold, winter night and the KND were having a camp-out. The 6th-Graders (Kacey, Raleigh, David, Christian, and friend Brooke [not in KND]) planned it out a month ago and set up the tents. Kacey, Megan, Raleigh, and Brooke would all be sharing the same tent cuz at some point, they all are the same age. Kiki, Kuki, and Abby share a tent cuz they’re the left-overs. And all the boys get one too.
“NO!” Kiki yelled while gripping her Vampire Rainbow Monkey.
“Yes!” Kacey said. She stared deeply into everyone’s eyes. “Then, the girl felt a pain in her leg. She looked down, and her leg was missing. JUST BLOOD.”
“HOLY CRAP, NO!” David hollered.
“Shh! You big baby.” Christian rolled his eyes.
“Anyways, she screamed in pain and scrambled across the floor. But a vase dropped over her head. She was dragged along, and taken to a dungeon.”
Wally gently slid his hand under Kuki’s. “You scared?”
“Are we NEVER not scared of Kacey’s stories?” Kuki reminded.
"Are you scared?"
"NO! Why would I be scared?"
Kuki giggled. "Just wonderin'."
"Finally, the ghost and his kids circled the girl, laughing. She screamed, and icked the little ghost girl. Immediately, she disintegrated into dust. The other ghosts fled. But not before biting the girl." Kacey said. "The End."
"Erm... that wasn't weird at all." Christian said.
Kacey flicked him.
"Scary. Please don't tell anything like that AGAIN." David said.
"You're the one who tells stories about zombies." Kacey said.
"Not ghosts! You were haunted by one, remember?" David said.
Kacey squinted. "Stupid 20/200 vision."
"Wally, I can't believe you weren't scared." Kuki said.
"Wally was scared. He just doesn't wanna say it." Raleigh snickered. "He wants to be tough."
"Shut up, Herb!" Wally yelled.
"At least you called me Herb."
Wally rolled his eyes.
"Bedtime!" Megan said, darting into the tent.
"Me too!" Hoagie called.
"Oh no you don't." Abby said as she and Brooke grabbed him and tossed him into the guys' tent."
Hoagie pouted. "No fair!"
"Freak." Brooke muttered.
Kuki yawned. "I'm tired too." She got into the other girl tent.
Wally laid down. "I'm sleeping under the stars. Tents are over-rated."
"You're over-rated." Kacey said, stepping on Wally. He grunted.
"Ooh! Sounds FUN!" Kuki said. She laid on the blanket next to Wally. "They're so pretty."
"You t-" Wally began to say. Everyone, including Kuki, looked his way. Blushing deeply, he rubbed the back of his neck. "I think so too."
"Coward!" Megan shouted from her tent. A few giggles.
"Would you guys lay off? I can't believe you! JERKS!" Wally got on his chest and crossed his arms.
"What are you guys talking about?" Kuki asked, hugging her orange monkey. "Wally thinks the stars are pretty."
Everyone chuckled. Even Christian and David.
"If only you knew." David said.
"Shut up, Video Game freak!" Wally said.
David shut up.
"Man, I'm not tired!" Kiki said. "Let's play Tag!" Kiki tagged Kacey who shrugged and touched Raleigh's shoulder.
"No tag backs."
Raleigh groaned and tagged Abby.
"No." Abby said.
"Yes." Raleigh tagged her again.
Abby walked away and SLAPPED Hoagie.
"Hoagie's it."
"Sucks for you." Kacey said.
Hoagie sighed. He tagged the tent. "No more."
"Aww! I was hoping you'd explode from anger!" Megan called from the tent.
"Shut up."
"The stars are aligned. Bed time." Kacey said. She got in her tent.
David looked up. "They look exactly the same."
"To you, obviously." Kacey said.
Everyone giggled.
Everyone got in their tents. Kuki and Wally laid out there alone. Kuki stretched.
"Wow, I'm tired." She said.
"Ya, but, um, I kinda wanna tell you something. You know, under the, uh, stars." Wally blinked. This was it. No turning back.
"Sure Wally. But hurry up, I'm tired."
"Well, um, I've wanted to tell you something since the day we met."
Kuki yawned. "Yeah?"
Wally sighed. "Kuki I-"
"What the-?" Kuki said, getting up.
Wally punched the ground. "Every time!" (So true, haha XD)
"Megan, calm down!" Kacey yelled from in the tent.
When Megan's name came up, Hoagie sprung from his tent and into the girl's tent.
This time, Raleigh screamed.
"They're just clouds Raleigh, God." Brooke said.
"What happened?" Hoagie asked.
"Something- Something whispered in my ear!" Megan yelled.
"See what your stories do to people, Kacey? See?" Brooke said.
"Shut up." Kacey muttered.
"No, no. Someone ACTUALLY whispered in my ear! I- I swear!" Megan said.
"Just go to bed." Kacey said. She got in her sleeping bag and quietly read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Ultimate Guide.
Everyone else went to bed.
Except Kuki and Wally.
"What were you gonna tell me, Wally?" Kuki asked.
"Oh yeah, that, well, um, I was gonna say that, well, I-"
"Wally, could you tell me in the morning?" Kuki laid down.
"Sure...." Wally said. He laid down and sighed. At least it could be delayed.
"Wait." Kuki got up. She went inside the treehouse (they were having a camp out right by the treehouse)
"What?" Wally waited a few minutes.
Kuki still didn't' come back.
Wally went inside to find her.
"Kuki? You there?" Wally asked. "KUKI?!?!?!"
No answer.
"OK, if you guys are trying to scare me because I said I don't scare, just show yourselves." Wally said.
"And no one better show up dressed as a clown!"
No answer.
"Alright, Kuki! I know you're hiding! Please come out!"
"Hee hee hee!"
Wally whipped around. "Kuki?"
Then, Wally passed out.