Abby made her way down the path leading to the neighborhood in the woods (WHY there's a neighborhood in the woods, nobody knows). She reached into her bag, and pulled out yet another piece of candy. She was running pretty low. "Numbuh 5 better find this neighborhood soon, or else she's gonna have to start bummin' it of off everybody else." she told herself. Just then, there was some rustling in the bushes. Her heart started to beat faster. Abby shook her head. "Get a hold of yourself. It's probably just a stray cat...or a bush baby...or a wolf". Then what was in the bushes started to growl. "Bush babies don't growl....cats do, but not like THAT." Abby shined her flashlight into the bushes. There were two big eyes. Just then, a BEAR- not a big one...maybe like a 1 or 2-year-old one, so it's still a baby- jumped out, growling ferociously. She shrieked and began to run as fast as she could. She found a nearby tree and began to climb up...and only made it about halfway. Abby clung on to the tree for dear life. "Maybe i can try calling Numbuh 7." She took out her KN-communicator and tried to get through to Kacey. No answer. As the bear continued to circle the tree, all Abby could do was hold on and wait for it to go away.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Hoagie was busy and egging various houses. He had even gotten the houses of a few villians (specifically Mr. Wink and Fibb, the Toilenator, and the Crazy Ol' Cat Lady) without getting caught!...or so he thought. As he rounded the corner, he accidently turned into an alley. A dark and tall shadow formed behind him. He nervously turned around to find...Kiki. Giggling. "Ha ha! I got you good!" she said in her newly-acquirred Transylavanian accent.
"Oh hey, Numbuh 8!," he said, "I thought you were gonna be a werewolf."
Kiki stopped laughing, and nervously thought of an excuse. "Yeah, I was. But i... decided to change at the last minute."
"Oh. Well, I guess you got me!" he giggled nervously.
Kiki smiled evilly, and began taking off one of her light-pink gloves.
"Yeah, but seriously: GOTCHA!!!" and swooped in for the kill....actually more like "swooped in for the kid who'd been bad". After about 2 minutes of pure unadulterated horror (to a kid, getting spanked WOULD be) , Kiki emerged from the shadows. "Ready to go, partner?" Hoagie emerged last, wearing an outfit similar to hers.
"After you, partner.". The two spank-happy kids laughed evilly and took to the skies.