Future Kids
Chapter 1
Year 2028
Author note: This is the second story in my series!! Be sure to read the first if you haven't!!

Megan woke up from the pains of her stomach. She let out a small sigh, as she got up from her bed. She couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, until she saw red liquid on her bed sheets. She looked shocked, when she saw it. She quickly got her clothes on, took her bed sheets off her bed, and ran down to the laundry room. She stuffed the contents in a washing machine, and looked around for the soap powder. She stuffed nearly the whole box of powder in the washing machine, and closed the lid. She didn't want her friends to know, or her family either, that she was becoming…. More like a teenager. She ran back upstairs, to get her breakfast. She found her younger sister sitting watching T.V, while her mum and dad were sitting eating their homemade pancakes. Her mother cooks all the time, while her father never touches the frying pan. (probably burns the kitchen to the ground) She sat next beside her father, while eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes. She was in agonising pain, that she let out a cry, that she didn't even realised she had done.
"Are you ok Megan?" asked her father.
"Yes I'm fine." she said grumpily.
"Do you have a headache dear?" asked her mother. She thought about it, yip she did have a headache, but she didn't want to worry her mother.
"No." lied Megan. She continued eating her cereal, until she was finished. She looked at the bowl, the left over milk made her feel uneasy. She had a weird feeling that today was going to be fun, sad, frustrated, and adventurous all at the same time.
Once she put her bowl into the basin, the house phone rang. She walked over and picked up the detached phone.
"Hello? Who's calling?" she asked while standing watching her parents.
"Ohh hello Trevor. How are you? Yes. Yes I see. I'll meet you there, ok bye." she said, while blushing. She placed the phone back on the hook, while turning to go to her room.
"Was that Trevor, dear?" asked her mother, when she had a So-cute-my-daughter's-crush-was-on-the-phone look on her face. Megan nodded, while turning a beetroot red. She ran up the stairs to brush her teeth, and to brush her shoulder length brown hair. It was about five minutes later, until Megan was ready to go. She beckoned her sister Maddy to come with her. She stood up from the couch and approached her.
"I thought you were going out on a date with Trevor. Which I find gross!!" said Maddy, with a certain tone in her voice.
"Ohh, shut up! It's important he said Loopy Lizzie, and her dorky husband, Jimmy, are attacking the tree house." whispered Megan.
"Well come on then, why are we still standing here for?" She said, while putting her shoes on.
They both ran down the street, to there grandparents house. (the tree house was on top of their grandparents house.) They quickly said hello to the grandparents, while running upstairs to the tree house. They found their dad's ex-girlfriend with her husband, trying to hit their friends, who were trying to defend their selves. They pulled out a S.P.A.N.K.L.E.R, and gumball gun, and tried hitting the two break-ins. They were outnumbered, for the two break-ins had some backup. They all tried their best to save their selves and their tree house. Loopy Lizzie, Dorky Jimmy, (her husband) had lots of villains with them, like Sticky Beard Junior, the crazy cat lady's niece with her thousands of cats, and some new villains, that they didn't even knew. They were battling against them, until Loopy Lizzie, pulled out her pocket, what looked like a remote control. She pressed a button, which made her and all of the other villains disappeared into a flying vehicle. The ten children stood there in a trance, they couldn't believe how the villains have retreated back to their hideout. They were about to go back to what they were doing, before the incident, when a large grey swirl came out of nowhere, in the middle of the room. They all stared at the swirl, and before they realized what was happening, they were all sucked into the swirl, and out of sight. The swirl closed up to reveal a black and white hair band lying on the floor.
The tree house was empty, until Megan and Maddy's grandparents came up to check on them. They were stunned to find no one there; they were even more stunned when they saw the black and white hair band in the middle of the room. They both looked at each other and nodded, they both ran down the stairs and phoned all of their parents, to tell them their children had mysteriously vanished into thin air…..
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-Numbuh 6